Charli Baltimore Settles Creative Differences With Label Over New Album

"Keep the Faith," the new album by singer Faith Evans, the widow of late rapper Notorious B.I.G., debuted in the Top 10 on this week's "Billboard" album charts -- so you may be wondering whatever happened to Charli Baltimore, another one of Biggie's former lovers who's been working on an album for more than a year?

MTV caught up with Baltimore at Puffy Combs' big birthday blow-out in New York City last week, and she told us that the record had been held up by creative disagreements that were only recently settled.

"Like I wanted my album to be one way," Baltimore said, "and Untertainment [record label] wanted my album to be a different way. So we had to come to a happy medium, so I'm like really happy right now. Actually, at this time I have 30 songs completed, so we're just picking and choosing from that. The album's done, we're just wrapping it up, picking out the single and everything is just going

really well." [28.8 RealVideo]

While she hasn't settled on a title for her debut just yet, Baltimore's album is now scheduled to be released on February 16.