Aqua: We're Not Just The "Barbie Girl" Band

September 19 [14:00 EDT] -- While people are buzzing about Aqua's hit "Barbie Girl," [500k QuickTime] and the legal battle it has sparked, the group behind the song says it has more where that came from.

"There's been so much attention around 'Barbie Girl' and we don't want to be known as the 'Barbie Girl' band," Aqua's Lene Grawford Nystrom told MTV News. "'Barbie Girl' is like one out of 11 tracks on the album, and we have a lot of other good numbers on the album." [1MB QuickTime]

On top of being a top ten hit, the song is getting more than its share of attention because of a trademark-infringement lawsuit Mattel filed against Aqua, claiming the track placed its doll in an unflattering light.

The band says Mattel's Danish branch never had a problem with the tune, but Aqua fans here may have their own problem with "Barbie Girl":

MCA Records printed up only 350,000 copies of the single, forcing interested parties to buy the new album "Aquarium" once singles supplies run out.

"We like to get the attention over to the other songs a little bit, and that's why there's not so many singles out on the market," Nystrom explained.

Of course if Mattel gets it way, both the single and the album will be withdrawn from stores.

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