Sisqó Creates 'New Sound Again'

Sisqó hopes his forthcoming second solo album, Return of the Dragon, will make you forget there ever was a little ditty about women's undies.

"My New Year's resolution is to come out with an album that will make everybody forget 'Thong Song,' " the singer said earlier this week.

Sisqó said he is halfway done with the LP, which he plans to release in the spring. The singer/rapper said the biggest departure from his solo debut, Unleash the Dragon (1999), will be the music in Return.

"I basically created a new sound again," he said. "I can't even explain it."

"It's more tempo-driven," said Ken Crear, Sisqó's manager, adding that the style is closer to "Incomplete" [RealAudio] — Unleash's third single, than "Thong Song" [RealVideo], the album's second single. Crear pointed out that "Incomplete" was a bigger hit than "Thong Song," even though the latter is what made him famous as a solo artist.

"This [album] will be a better showcasing of his talent, especially his singing," Crear said. "He's able to really take time to create a better album. He was really rushed with the first one; we recorded it in five weeks."

Tunes tentatively slated for the new album are "Dreams," a ballad featuring the female R&B group LovHer, and a number called "Infatuated," Crear said.

Return will include a Dru Hill track called "Without You," though the Baltimore foursome has no plans to regroup for a new Dru Hill album. "Basically, it was the typical group stuff, egos clashed, and we couldn't figure it out, pull it together," Sisqó said. "But the cool thing is everybody's still willing to work on each other's projects. So hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to settle our differences and come out with a new album."

Dru Hill member Jazz also is recording a solo album that will feature a Dru Hill cut, Sisqó said.

Sisqó, who has changed his hair color with some frequency over the last year, said fans will have to wait until Return arrives to get a peek at his new 'do — in the meantime, he's sticking to caps.

"I'm having what you call a bad-hair month," the singer said. "Everybody's trying to do the cornrow thing, and I'm trying to do it as well. So I'm just gonna keep the hair thing under wraps until the new album."

Sisqó walked away the big winner at the Billboard Music Awards on Tuesday, picking up six honors, including Male Artist of the Year.

The singer also has kept himself busy of late working with LovHer and his rap group the Associates, and recently sealing a deal on his own clothing line of male urban wear. Dragon Collection By Sisqó is expected to appear in stores in the fall of 2001, Crear said.