Seivane Pipes Up

The music of Galicia, in northern Spain, has undergone a remarkable renaissance of late. While it's obviously part of the Celtic continuum in terms of melody, Galicia's rhythms bear the indelible mark of Andalusia to the south. And though the music has its poster boy in the flash and style of Carlos Nuñez, it has a more musically pure representative in third-generation gaita (Spanish pipes) player Susana Seivane.

Seivane delves happily into the tradition, as on the northern Spain jota (dance tune) "Xota dos 28 puntos" (RealAudio excerpt), on which her unadorned playing lets the glorious melody shine. She also makes some unexpected connections, as on her own "Sabeliña" (RealAudio excerpt), a rumba with charming echoes of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang," and on "Tres Muiñeiras," whose rhythm and cadences seem akin to Old English morris dance tunes.

Seivane never strives for the incendiary; she's more about putting the tune across, rather than showing how skillful she can be. Even when the arrangements lapse, as on the waltz "Taramundi e Alén" (RealAudio excerpt), with its chime-y music-box quality, it still sounds honest.

Like most debuts, this isn't perfect. But at 24, Seivane has plenty of time to practice.