Eve 6's Horrorscope Tops Week's New Pop Releases

'Inside Out' trio already have another hit with 'Promise.'

Rock trio Eve 6's sophomore album, Horrorscope, is the highlight of this week's new pop releases.

The band expected some adversity the second time out, after the ease with which the single "Inside Out" (RealAudio excerpt) took Eve 6's 1998 self-titled debut album to the top.

"We were nervous that it's two years later, and what if timing isn't right, or radio just doesn't embrace it for whatever reason? That is definitely scary," guitarist Jon Siebels said. "But we were confident that if it got the chance it would do well."

The new album's first single, "Promise" (RealAudio excerpt), has climbed to #7 in its eighth week on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Two other poppy rock bands will release new albums Tuesday.

Kansas trio Ultimate Fakebook will release This Will Be Laughing Week, their follow-up to 1997's Electric Kissing Parties and their major-label debut.

The LP was released with local distribution last year on Lawrence, Kan., indie label Noisome Records. With hook-filled songs such as "Tell Me What You Want" and "Far, Far Away," the band repeatedly revisits the theme of high school.

"It's not a concept record, but it is a loose concept record," singer/guitarist Bill McShane said. "It was just some songs with similar themes, so we tied it together afterward." The album's cover art was made to resemble a high-school yearbook.

Los Angeles rockers Tsar will release their self-titled debut, which seeks to strike a balance between hard rock and catchy pop on songs such as "Disappear" (RealAudio excerpt) and "Calling All Destroyers."

"We hope our music says to people that you can rock out and not be too stupid or destructive or ugly," singer/guitarist Jeff Whalen said.

The album comes after two years of performing in the Los Angeles area and gaining a strong local following. The 10-song, high-energy album covers everything from relationships to revolution in a mere 36 minutes.