1. You've crashed landed in a monster infested wasteland. Repair your balloon while fending off attacks!

  2. Create the ultimate virus by taking over cells, evolving, and destroying the competition.

  3. OMG! Zombies have invaded your apartment building. Shoot, rescue, and level up floor by floor.

  1. The planet is under attack! Buy and position satellites to defeat the enemy!

  2. How much do you know about The Jersey Shore?

  3. Launch your hedgehog into space by collecting coins and upgrading your rockets!

  1. Run through the maze and solve puzzles using your ability to shift between worlds!

  2. Your king has given you the best trebuchet and tasked you with destroying the enemy's castle!

  3. In Wishful Leap of the Ninja you are a tiny warrior, challenged to jump as high as you can into the air without falling.

  1. Pilot your invincible tank and use the enemies' weapons against them.

  2. Run, hop, and bop in this fanciest of adventures.

  3. This time you've got to make it off the mainland in 40 days! Gather supplies, use traps, and build up your posse so you can get to the rescue choppers!

  1. You know the old saying two heads are better than one? Well, we're willing to test that theory in MTV's latest headbanging game- Knuckleheads!

  2. You are a newborn star and must explore the galaxy to grow up to become a red giant!

  3. GemCraft mixes might with magic, giving you the ability to craft and control towers using powerful gemstones.

  1. As your twisted storyline unfolds, you’ll be challenged to slice and dice thousands of zombie hordes.

  2. Help Bill make his way through all nine circles of hell in his quest to get Satan's autograph.

  3. Zombies await you in The Last Stand. See if you can survive 20 days against wave after wave of brain eating enemies.

  1. You are part of an ultra elite troupe that has the skills to pay the bills! In this rhythm-action game you gotta pop, lock, flip, and kick your crew to dance stardom!

  2. The junkyard has turned into chaos and all the helper bots have run amok. Use the mouse to manipulate obstacles and guide your robot through the Rustyard!

  3. Ignore the warning signs, pull on your bio suit and hit play to dive into Toxic.

  1. How fast are you? As Dominic or Brian, you must evade the police and cross the border to freedom!

  2. Guide the warlock through the realm by drawing mirrors that magically teleport him across the level. Explore 36 mind blowing puzzles and save the kingdom!

  3. The cute bunnies need your help to get around electrical beams, ferocious fiends, and wild winds and drop them to safety.

  1. From karate chopping watermelons to capturing ghosts, 12 wonderfully weird and bizarre challenges await you in Pixel Pop!

  2. Travel the world, explore dungeons, collect weapons and defeat the vile Gordzak!

  3. You are a member of an elite group of specialists who must go into the hot zone in search of a cure for the deadly reaper virus in this thrilling first person shooter!

  1. Combat foes and grab points with your very own sud-inspired tank in Bubble Tanks 2!

  2. Conduct an entire factory symphony by getting creative with the machines. Watch out for the Boss man though...

  3. Help the Moonman gather up a posse and make an entrance at the VMA Awards. Outfit the Moonman with all the hippest gear.