Rock in Run's House

Season 4 Ep 811/29/2007

JoJo plans for the future with Vanessa and Angela. Namely, what he'll do with the "pool of cash he'll have once his album drops.As Justine works on a book she's writing for charity, Run gets a text from Kid Rock. He's coming to town and Run decides to invite him to stay, seeing as how Kid took such good care of his family when they went to Malibu. When Justine alerts the boys, JoJo and Diggy are excited but Russy pouts about the prospect of giving up his room. Justine warns him he's not allowed to ask the rocker to teach him guitar.Vanessa and Angela are shoe shopping when Run tells them of an interesting offer from the Girl Scouts of America: they want the girls to be their official role models because of their entrepreneurial skills. Too bad Vanessa and Angela are more interested in cookies and whether or not they can design a new Girl Scout uniform.Kid Rock is definitely coming so Run and Justine must decide where to put him. They agree upon Russy's room, but Justine is insulted that Run only talks about all the fun he and Kid Rock will have. She wants to be included too!When Angela tells JoJo about the opportunity with the Girl Scouts, he's less than supportive. He says there's no black girl scouts, and besides, what kind of role models are his sisters anyway?Russy doesn't think it's fair that he's getting exiled from his room for Kid Rock. But Run is too excited to welcome Kid to care. Though he's disappointed Kid didn't bring his son Bobby, Run is certain they'll have a ball and ushers Kid Rock into his humble abode.Kid Rock hangs with the family, insisting they have a T-shirt contest wherever they go for dinner. Whoever gets the most compliments on their shirt wins. When Russy agrees to the contest, Kid proclaims him the rocker of the house and agrees to jam with him. Meanwhile, Run discovers Kid's hat box and Justine grabs a hat to channel the rocker.Vanessa and Angela's mom takes them to get pedicures and discuss the Girl Scouts. Despite JoJo's mocking, Vanessa and Angela believe they could be good role models. Mom disagrees -- she thinks they'd make excellent role models.Justine takes Kid Rock and the boys to Hooters, much to Kid's delight. Russy is the first to get a compliment from the waitress on his shirt, but Kid quickly catches up, revealing his "I Heart Black People" shirt. Russy wins the contest so easily, Run ponders whether or not Kid's trying to hook him up with a Hooter's girl.Kid Rock is flabbergasted that Russy's trying to rock with a guitar made in Indonesia. He quickly decides that "Uncle Rock" should buy him a new car...and that JoJo should drive them to the store in Run's Phantom. Guess who has a problem with that?The CEO of the Girl Scouts meets with Vanessa and Angela about what the expectations will be if they sign on. Always ready for a challenge, the girls agree to meet with some Girl Scouts that day about how to make presentations and improve cookie sales.Uncle Rock takes his nephews to the "candy store for rockers", also known as Sam Ash. He encourages Russy to choose the guitar that feels right for him. After rejecting a banjo, Russy settles on the most expensive Gibson he can find.Vanessa and Angela help some Girl Scouts come up with a plan for their troop to sell a million cookies in the next year so they can go to Mexico and build houses. Not only do the sisters make good role models, but they even learn something about philanthropy from the girls they're helping.Run and Justine are disturbed by loud music coming from Russy's room. Looks like Uncle Rock is teaching him how to jam now that he's got a proper guitar. Impressed by the guitar, Run agrees to protect them from Justine's desire for peace and quiet.Before Kid leaves, Run seeks out parenting advice. He's impressed with how well Kid's raised his son Bobby on his own, but Kid claims he had a lot of help and keeps it low-key. They make plans for Run and the fam to come to Kid's "real house" in Detroit. Kid makes his exit, but leaves Run a little present: a Hooter's bumper sticker on the Phantom.Run finds himself a proud papa when Vanessa and Angela announce they're officially the role models for the Girl Scouts of America. He's quick to plot on how he can help, namely throwing a party for the Girl Scouts with Kid Rock...and maybe some Hooter's girls too.