What Goes Around

Season 3 Ep 1010/15/07

Despite their big falling out, Jen Bunney texts Lauren, saying they need to talk. Lauren hasn't heard from Jen since she and Heidi conspired against her. What could Jen possibly have to say to Lauren?Hearing from Jen makes Lauren think about her current friendships. Still feeling uneasy about their fight in Las Vegas, she apologizes to Audrina about being too judgmental about Justin. She tells Audrina to let her know when she's being annoying or overstepping her boundaries. The apology is accepted and life on The Hills takes a turn for the better. Now the question is- can Lauren resolve things with Jen?Meanwhile, Heidi must explain to her boss, Brent, why she asked Elodie, who no longer works for Bolthouse, to cover her shift at the Emmys. She's scolded about dropping the ball and told that her new position is not just a job, it's a career. Brent tells her there must be no more excuses; she must live up to all the promises she made in order to get the promotion. To make up for the mishap, Heidi must pull out all the stops to make sure things run smoothly from here on out. She says she won't let anyone down ever again. But will she really be able to dedicate herself to the job when she's got Spencer waiting at home?Even though Lo thinks she shouldn't, Lauren meets her old friend, Jen Bunney, for lunch. It's been so long since they've last seen each other that they awkwardly fumble around with some chitchat, desperately trying to break the ice. Then Jen smashes the ice by bringing up Lauren and Jason's supposed sex tape scandal. Jen reveals that Heidi told her that Brody is the mastermind behind the rumors and gossip, but Lauren doesn't buy it. Their meeting ends in silence, as the two girls finish their food and go their separate ways.Lauren may have tried to brush off what Jen told her, but she can't seem to get it off her mind. She goes home and plops down on the couch to talk to her personal therapist, Audrina. They are both baffled by how Heidi could fabricate such a lie about Brody. Looks like only time will reveal the truth?At their apartment, Spencer can't believe that Heidi was chewed out at work. He thinks it's unfair that she got in trouble because Elodie quit the same day Heidi asked her to cover the Emmys. They agree that there was no reason for Elodie to bail and make Heidi look bad -- Heidi earned that promotion fair and square. Spencer fills Heidi in on the lesson she just learned: you can't depend on anybody.On the other side of The Hills, Audrina is playing pool with Justin, telling him about Lauren's apology. The couple agrees there's too much drama going on when life should just be mellow and chill. As Audrina wins the game, she says she thinks things between Brody and Lauren might spark up again, which could bring some peace and quiet to everyone's life.Speaking of Brody, it's about time for Lauren to play super-sleuth. She invites him out to dinner, hoping to gain some insight into the sex tape chaos. When she tells him what Jen said, he shakes his head and denies, denies, denies! At this point Lauren is totally confused and tells Brody he must tell her the truth. Lauren thinks Spencer and Heidi started the rumors, but Brody doesn't want to talk trash about Spencer, even though they're not friends anymore. As Lauren gets more and more agitated with Brody, he finally spills the beans. He looks right into Lauren's eyes and says that he knows for a fact that Heidi and Spencer started the rumors.At Teen Vogue, Lauren tells Whitney about what went down during dinner with Brody. Lauren admits she's astounded by Brody's loyalty to his "friends." Even though he and Spencer are no longer homeboys, he was willing to bite his tongue for his ex-BFF, even though Spencer was more than willing to tell people that Brody spread the rumors. Whitney then questions whether Heidi was actually in on spreading the rumors or if she just didn't stop Spencer from doing it. Lauren isn't sure, but she wants all the drama to end, so she texts Jen to set the record straight.When Jen meets Heidi for lunch, she tells Heidi that Brody blamed all the ongoing rumors on her and Spencer. Jen wants to be reassured that they weren't the ones who spread the rumors, so she asks Heidi straight up if she or Spencer had anything to do with them. Heidi is offended by the accusation, saying that Jen should know better.At home, Heidi tells Spencer about her lunch date with Jen. Heidi can't believe everyone is blaming Spencer for spreading such rumors! But as Heidi looks at Spencer, he grows silent and subtly smirks at her. Did Spencer do it?

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