Season 3 Ep 1812/10/07

Whitney's called into Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love's office and receives some exciting news -- she's being sent to Paris on Teen Vogue's tab again! She and Kimbell, her co-worker from the New York office, will be heading to a ball with authentic aristocrats and royalty.Once again, it's a dream come true for Whitney, but she's not forgetting her friend, Lauren, back in the intern room. When Whitney asks Lisa if Lauren will be joining her, Lisa gives Whitney the thumbs down, saying, "Lauren's had her shot at Paris."At Bolthouse, Heidi's making coffee when Kimberly asks for a life update. Heidi says she's gotten into another huge fight with Spencer. After this big blowup, Heidi thinks it's time for her and Spencer to focus on their relationship instead of the wedding. Kimberly thinks the couple hasn't really figured out the source of their problems, and Heidi agrees, saying she feels as though she's in a relationship with a five-year-old.Back at Teen Vogue, Whitney breaks the news about Paris to Lauren. Lauren wants to know if there's another spot open, but Whitney tells her that Lisa Love nixed the idea. Noticeably bummed, Lauren says she never should have passed on the offer the first time around. Although Lauren has tried to prove her commitment to Lisa during the past year, it doesn't seem as though her effort has been noticed. A disappointed Lauren blames the whole fiasco on "stupid Jason."Nearly in tears, Spencer sits slumped over a table at a cafe. When his sister, Stephanie, joins him, he reveals that he walked out on yet another fight with Heidi. After spending time at home with his parents, it seems Spencer's finally figured out the obvious: he's an "idiot." Spencer hasn't talked to his supposed bride-to-be since the fight, and Stephanie says he should reach out to Heidi or else it's a big "adios" to their relationship.At Hillside Villas, Lauren tells Audrina that she missed out on another Paris trip. Although Audrina thinks she should have been asked to go, Lauren says that, since she said no the first time, they have no reason to offer it to her again.The next morning, Spencer makes his way to Bolthouse to try and sort things out with Heidi. But, when his girl is summoned, Kimberly arrives in her place. Heidi has apparently left early. After asking Kimberly to tell Heidi he stopped by, Spencer slinks away defeated. But -- surprise, surprise -- Heidi hasn't left. She's sitting at her desk, not wanting to talk to Spencer.Meanwhile, Whitney's making a list of Paris apparel and checkin' it twice with Lauren in the Teen Vogue office. Lauren tells her that it's freezing in Paris this time of year, even though she's never actually been there before. The trip is a couple of days away, and while Whitney's aware that it will be a lot of work, she's excited about the opportunity. As the girls chat about hot Parisian boys, Lisa Love calls and asks to see Lauren.In her office, Lisa tells Lauren that the Paris office is overwhelmed with work and needs an extra pair of hands ... which means that Lauren's off to Paris, too! When she finds out she's going to help out backstage, Lauren is beaming. When Lisa asks Lauren how she'll be getting to the airport, Lauren laughs, asking if Lisa thinks she'd miss the trip a second time.Bursting into the intern room, Lauren shares the good news with Whitney. While Whitney says the news has made her day, Lauren says it's made her life.That night at dinner, Lauren shares her news with Brody. When she says she's leaving in just a few days, Brody doesn't seem pleased. When Lauren asks why he's upset about her traveling to Paris, Brody says that Parisian guys are all "stinky." Lauren jokingly says she'll find a guy that showers, but Brody turns all serious and asks if she wants to find a boyfriend. Lauren's caught off guard, especially when Brody admits that he hasn't had the best relationships in the past and is scared to make a serious commitment. Lauren says that if he really wanted to be with someone, he would. Cue the long stares, and both are left wondering what this all means for their relationship.Packing up a suitcase, Heidi seems to be preparing for a trip. When Spencer comes through the door, he asks why she's packing, and Heidi says she's heading home to Colorado to clear her head and give him some space. Spencer says he doesn't need space anymore; he knows what he wants. But Heidi has already made up her mind, and she's not sure when she's coming back. Spencer gives her a goodbye kiss and heads out, leaving Heidi in tears.Meanwhile, Lauren's in her apartment packing and gearing up for her big Paris trip. Zipping up her bag, Lauren hopes she's packed everything she needs. As she's walking out the door, she's surprised by Brody, who's hoping he can stop her from leaving. But Lauren says that the trip is for real. As he opens the car door for her, she promises she won't be gone long and plants a big kiss on his lips.As Lauren leaves to pick up Whitney, Heidi's driving to Colorado. As the sun sets, it looks like there's a lot of change on the horizon for The Hills girls.

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