Loves Me Not

Season 67/6/2010

Over breakfast, Holly tells Kristin, Lo and Stephanie she is nervous about her mom's upcoming visit. If Darlene wants to see Heidi, she might be out of luck -- Holly hasn't talked to her sister since the blowout with Spencer. In happier news, Lo mentions she and Scott are coming up on their one-year anniversary! Then, Stephanie fills Holly in on all the Brody/Kristin drama from Costa Rica and Lo shakes her head at Brody's "little sister" dis. Lo warns that Kristin isn't as tough as she looks, saying, "She acts like it's a game but it means more to her."Across town, Brody meets Frankie and Taylor at 110 Speed Shop to complain about Kristin's "crazy" behavior in Costa Rica. When Brody accuses Kristin of playing games (i.e. flirting with other guys to make him jealous), Frankie asks him how he'd feel about being called her little brother! Taylor says Kristin wants to settle down, but Brody hints he's ready to move on instead. "Maybe it's time for you to find a new girl," Frankie sug-gests. "Maybe I already have," Brody replies.Later that afternoon, Holly drives down to Los Angeles International Airport to pick up her mom, Darlene. After exchanging hugs, Holly warns her mother that she hasn't been able to get in touch with Heidi. Nevertheless, Darlene tries to have an open mind. "I would love to see her while I'm here," she tells Holly, predicting Heidi will "come around" in time.That night, Kristin and Stacie head to The Colony with Stephanie, Lo and Scott. When Stacie sees Brody across the room, Kristin admits she hasn't even spoken with him since Costa Rica. While she wonders whether to approach him, Stephanie hits it off with Brody's friend, Josh. Despite Brody's warning that Steph has "got issues," Josh decides to ask for her number. Soon after, the rest of the gang decides to call it a night. Kristin and Brody leave without saying goodbye (or hello!), but he texts her the next day telling her he wants to talk. According to Stacie, this could be the perfect opportunity for Kristin to tell Brody how she really feels! "If you don't," she tells Kristin, "you're gonna regret it."That night, Stephanie sits down for drinks with Josh at Angels & Kings in Hollywood. When Steph orders a soda instead of a cocktail, Josh surprises her by doing the same. They quickly bond over nonalcoholic beverages -- Josh tells her he is a serious motorcycle racer with zero interest in partying. He then says he think they are off to a "good start" and Steph agrees.Over at Yamashiro, Lo and Scott are celebrating their one-year anniversary and re-miniscing about how they got together. Lo thanks Scott for one of the best years of her life, and he responds by suggesting they move in together. Although flattered, Lo tells him she is hesitant to make a commitment like that without "taking the next step." As they walk out of the restaurant, Scott reassures her that he is in it for the long haul. "I'm here," he tells her, "I'm not going anywhere." Apparently Lo feels the same way: "I love you," she tells Scott after a quick kiss. "I'm the luckiest girl in the world."The next day, Brody swings by Kristin's house to try and clear the air. After admitting that things have been "weird" between them, Kristin takes Stacie's advice -- and tells Brody she wants a real relationship with him. Unfortunately, he tells her she is too late. "Part of the reason I've been so distant is that I've been hanging out with somebody else," he explains. Before leaving, Brody apologizes for hurting Kristin's feelings. "I'm sorry it had to be like this," he says, but tells her he wants to see where things go with this new girl. "I feel like we've already been down that road," he admits, "and it didn't work out."Meanwhile, at Maha Yoga, Stephanie fills Lo in on her date with Josh. "He's great for you!" Lo exclaims. In between exercises, Lo tells Stephanie how Scott asked her to move in with him, but says she doesn't want to live with him (or any guy!) unless she is engaged. Lo tells Steph she got an urgent text from Kristin saying she needed to talk, and Steph immediately suspects it has something to do with Brody.Across town at the W Hotel, Holly and Darlene try unsuccessfully to get in touch with Heidi. Hurt, Darlene says she never expected Heidi to cut her out of her life completely, saying, "She feels like she had to choose between us and Spencer." When Holly tries to comfort her mom, Darlene says she has been grieving for Heidi in a way similar to "mourning the loss of a dead child." Still, Darlene won't give up until she's done everything she can do to get Heidi back.That afternoon, Lo meets Kristin for coffee in Santa Monica and immediately asks Kristin what is wrong. Kristin tells Lo about putting herself out there with Brody -- and finding out he already has a girlfriend. "I feel like an idiot," she tells Lo. "I feel like it's [the] one time I put myself out there and I really got shot down." Worried, Lo urges Kris-tin not to let Brody get her down, reminding her she has never had any shortage of male admirers. Of course, that is little comfort to Kristin right now. "It's done," she tells Lo, in between tears. "The guy I want doesn't want me."