Season Finale

Season 5 Ep 105/31/2009

As the girls prepare to say goodbye to their home in The Hills, Lo finds Lauren in her room, procrastinating more than packing. Feeling nostalgic, Lo suggests that they throw a farewell party to say goodbye to the house. The girls reminisce about their first pool party, an evening Lauren remembers all too clearly -- especially the "nudey men," mohawks and Lucite heels in her backyard.Although this party will be a fun send off with friends, Lauren's not thrilled with the idea of leaving her home. When Lo asks what's next for Lauren, she shrugs and says, "for the first time in a really long time, I really don't know."Meanwhile, at Heidi and Spencer's apartment, Heidi tells Stephanie that she wants the most extravagant wedding possible. Not only does the bride-to-be plan on having diamonds dripping everywhere, but she also wants real swans since she has a "Swan Lake" dress.After Heidi runs through her fairytale details, Stephanie inquires after the maid of honor position. Deciding to stick with family, Heidi says she's selected her sister, Holly. Stephanie's shocked, but Heidi says she's always planned on having Holly fill the role -- they are, after all, blood. Heidi makes sure to stress the importance Stephanie has in her life, but hopes she understands her choice.Out to lunch with Darlene, Spencer has a heart-to-heart with his future mother-in-law. He apologizes for their past arguments, saying he was out of line and disrespectful. Spencer shares that he's been going to therapy and trying to change his ways. Although Darlene wants to believe him, she's skeptical. She doubts that Spencer has the ability to do a complete turnaround, but Spencer assures her that he's taken a big step back and re-evaluated his life.Darlene appreciates the apology and his efforts to change, and ends up giving her blessing to the marriage. She hopes that the "new and improved" Spencer is here to stay.At the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Heidi's celebrating her upcoming wedding with family and girlfriends. Audrina tells Stephanie that it's the perfect place for a bridal shower, and Spencer's sister has to agree. However, Stephanie's a little put-off that Heidi's maid of honor, Holly, is more than 30 minutes late to the festivities. When Holly arrives, she comes baring gifts and Heidi pops the champagne.As Heidi opens presents, Audrina asks who's keeping track of gifts. Stephanie says it should be Holly's job, but Heidi's sister isn't stepping up to the plate. Stephanie says she should have been maid of honor, and decides to start doing the job herself.Over at Beso, Lauren gets together with Brody. As the two start talking, Lauren reveals that Heidi stopped by People's Revolution to invite her to the wedding. When Brody asks if Lauren plans on attending, she expresses her reservations. Lauren thinks that the commitment Heidi's about to make is a big mistake. Brody agrees that the pair is rushing in too soon, but says that it's Spencer's mistake to make.Even though Brody feels awkward about the ceremony, he wants to be the bigger man. He knows it would mean a lot to Spencer, so he figures, "Why not?" Plus, when Heidi walks by, he could always make a fart noise behind her back. Lauren laughs at the suggestion, but then reminds him that they're in a restaurant.At the end of the day, Brody tells her to stop saying, "I can't," and start thinking about whether or not she can actually attend to the wedding. He doesn't want Lauren to regret skipping the event.Later, over at Burger Bar, Brody has a surprise run-in with Spencer. After the two say hello, Spencer says he'd like to see Brody at his wedding to stand witness to his changed ways. He tells Brody that he's been attending therapy and fixing a lot of his issues and insecurities, which sends Brody into a fit of laughter.When Spencer asks what's funny, Brody says Spencer's lost his mind. Brody argues that he's in a relationship with a gorgeous girl, and doesn't need any therapy -- they just have a great time. Spencer argues that he's no Brody, as he's the one with the issues and he's the reason he and Heidi have to go to therapy.Brody argues that his former BFF was funny, and can't believe what he's hearing. A changed Spencer says that he's hurt a lot of people, and doesn't need to view everyone as the enemy, especially Lauren. Although Spencer doesn't want Lauren's forgiveness, he does want her to know that he's genuinely sorry -- he's not a "cold stone, with no heart." Brody disagrees, saying Spencer is just pretending.Working hard at People's Revolution, Lauren takes a minute to check in with Kelly Cutrone. Lauren tells her boss that she's trying to figure out what's next in her career. After all of the experience she's gained between Teen Vogue and People's Revolution, she thinks it's time to become more independent. Kelly understands, and says that some of her best times have come when she has nothing to do -- an experience Lauren's never had. Kelly suggests Lauren live aimlessly for a while, and assures her that something good will come her way.Later that evening, Heidi and Spencer gather with family and friends at Cut for their rehearsal dinner. As Spencer welcomes Darlene and compliments her dress, Heidi gives her dad a big hug. As the evening kicks off, Stephanie gives a tearful toast to the bride and groom, explaining how much she loves her brother and future sister. After Stephanie's emotional toast, Holly stands to deliver her own speech, which pokes fun at Spencer's behavior toward her.Throughout dinner, Holly's mood startles some, as she nearly spits her gum into her mom's hand and high-five's the waiter. When she throws a potato across the table to get her brother's attention, it bounces off of him and lands on Heidi's brand new bag, leaving a stain in its wake. As Spencer tries to calm the situation, Holly excuses herself from the group. Stephanie confides in Charlie, saying she's tired of Holly's shenanigans and doesn't want Heidi to have a "bootleg" wedding, so Charlie suggests she just step in and take over.In the hallway, Holly vents to her mom about the situation. She doesn't know why Heidi would freak out over a purse, but Darlene feels it's about more than the possession. Spencer comes by to check in on the situation, and suggests that, at their shared age of 25, he and Holly don't need to be rude, throwing food across the table at a rehearsal dinner. When Darlene argues that her daughter's actions weren't rude, Spencer decides to keep peace and step away from the situation.After he exits, Holly bursts into tears, saying she didn't realize she was dining with the king and queen. Having had enough, Holly argues that Spencer was extremely rude, and she's done nothing but bend over backwards and be nice to her future brother-in-law. When Darlene tries to smooth things over, Holly says that her mom is the last person who should be siding with Spencer. She insists that he's been rude to her mother since day one. Realizing the strain she's putting on the party, a tearful Holly apologizes to her mom and says she wants to leave.The next day, Holly apologizes to Heidi while they their nails done for the wedding. Heidi says that her wedding is the biggest moment in her life, and that her sister's storming off shifted the focus off of the bride. Holly wishes she'd kept her mouth shut, and is willing to let Stephanie step in as maid of honor, if Heidi so chooses. Not willing to trade in for a new maid of honor, Heidi says that Holly is her sister and she loves her, leaving things as-is.Switching topics, Heidi asks if Holly delivered a particular invitation. Holly says yes, and that the guest will arrive solo since she's single at the moment.As he picks up his tux, Spencer has his friends come by for a fitting. While the groomsmen suit up, Charlie says he's invited Stacie to the wedding. Spencer's not stoked on the suggestion, worried that Heidi will freak. He tells his friend to keep her hidden, then mentions that he's asked the priest to rush through the, "does anyone have any objections" part of the ceremony.Meanwhile, the gang gathers at Lauren and Lo's house for one final party. Lauren thanks everyone for coming, and says that her guests are the good friends that she's spent many good times with.Checking in on the grill, Brody approaches Stephanie. Having a change of heart when it comes to Stephanie, Brody shares that he's glad Stephanie has remained close with Lauren. Although he didn't think she could be trusted, he says that Stephanie's been a solid friend. Stephanie accepts the apology, joking that she'll now save money on waterproof mascara.In the kitchen, Lauren throws away trash and Stephanie says that she and Brody are in a good place. Putting in one last plea, Steph asks if Lauren will attend the wedding. Lauren says that she doesn't plan on it -- it's as though her attendance is needed as an approval of Heidi's actions. Lauren thinks it'd be inappropriate to go. She tells her other friends, "I'll go to the next one."The next morning, all of the guests arrive at the church and Spencer pulls his groomsmen aside for a special prayer before the ceremony. He's prepared for the day, but thrown off when Charlie prays his buddy give the perfect wedding kiss. Suddenly nervous, Spencer asks what's appropriate, and wishes the pair had practiced.Meanwhile, the girls primp the bride as she prepares to go down the aisle. Feeling like a princess, Heidi is dripping with diamonds. As she asks if the jewelry is too much, Lauren arrives on the scene, saying hello to Holly, Stephanie and Darlene.The girls clear the room to give Lauren and Heidi some time alone. Lauren compliments the dress, and says that Heidi's "bedazzled." Heidi asks if it's too much, but Lauren says it's perfect. Heidi says she feels as though she's in a dream.At the front of the church, the Hills gang wonders whether Lauren will be in attendance. As the clock runs down, they're all surprised to see Kristin Cavallari join them in the pews, taking an open seat next to Justin Bobby. Although Kristin's the one that introduced Heidi and Spencer, Lo now thinks it's probably best that Lauren didn't come.Back with Heidi, Lauren says Heidi's one of her best friends and she just wants Heidi to be happy. Heidi assures her friend that she is. Taking the moment in, the two suddenly can't believe Heidi's getting married. When Lauren says that she's supposed to be in the church, Heidi gets teary-eyed. Not wanting to mess up Heidi's makeup, Lauren decides to leave, gives her a hug and says her congratulations. When she makes her way to her seat next to Lo, her roommate alerts her to Kristin's attendance.When the band plays "Here Comes the Bride," the congregation stands to see Heidi walk down the aisle with her father. The couple says their vows and kisses in front of the congregation. As Mr. and Mrs. Spencer and Heidi Pratt make their way to the exit, Lauren and Lo hope that the "third time's a charm."Outside the church, Kristin gives Lo a hug and explains that she decided to stop by since she's the one who set up the newlyweds. Now, Kristin says she needs help finding a man. When Lo offers Audrina's help, Kristin tells her that she's already met Justin Bobby, who seems like a "stand up guy."While Spencer and Heidi kiss, the single ladies line up to catch the bouquet and Heidi spies Lauren making a quick exit out of the church's side entrance. As Lauren's car drives away, it's Kristin Cavallari who catches Heidi's flowers. With Lauren leaving, it's Kristin's turn to take on The Hills.