This Is Goodbye

Season 6 Ep 45/18/2010

Still reeling from last week's blowout with Spencer, Holly kicks off tonight's episode by grabbing lunch with her sister-in-law, Stephanie. After some friendly chitchat, Holly confides that her parents are concerned about Heidi and tells Stephanie how an enraged Spencer forced her off his property. Holly says she misses her sister and just wants her to be happy. "Screw that," says Steph. "I want her to be normal again."Meanwhile, Kristin tells Heidi she's been "hanging out" with Brody, and Heidi mentions how much Spencer misses spending time with his former best bud. Given an opening, Kristin reminds Heidi how Spencer flew off the handle (at Stephanie) and warns her that his explosive temper has gotten out of control, telling Heidi "if he's losing his mind, you can't stick around." Heidi, however, informs Kristin she has no plans to leave her husband's side, even if that means losing her family (and most of her friends) in the process. "I love him more than anything," she tells Kristin. "It's like, who AM I without Spencer?"Across town in North Hollywood, Audrina swings by her boyfriend Ryan's recording studio and invites him to join her friends for a big night out at Wonderland. But after all the drama at the barbecue (and the tension with Brody at Lucky Strike), Ryan decides to opt out. Turns out, he might've had the right idea.That night, Audrina and Kristin join Brody, Frankie, Stephanie and Lo for a fun-filled night at Wonderland. Things get a bit uncomfortable when Brody hits on Audrina (who reminds him she has a boyfriend!) but the real surprise of the night comes when Spencer shows up unannounced. After ignoring Stephanie, Lo and Audrina on his way in, Spencer quickly causes a stir insulting Audrina. When Brody lashes out in her defense, Spencer snaps back and announces he's thisclose to "smashing Brody's head off."The next day, Audrina meets Stephanie at T Salon and tells her she and Kristin are meeting Heidi for lunch. Upset at being left out, Stephanie reminds Audrina how close she and Heidi used to be (I planned her wedding!) and worries that Spencer's "loose cannon" behavior is taking her down.Later, Audrina and Kristin arrive early for lunch at Villa Blanca, and start rehashing the events from the night before. Both agree that Spencer "went off the deep end" at Wonderland, but when Heidi arrives, she defends him and makes excuses for his inappropriate outburst. Together, Audrina and Kristin accuse Heidi of turning a blind eye to Spencer's out-of-control mood swings, but Heidi insists she's still her own person -- and says she's the one who's been cutting people out of her life. "Spencer didn't change me," she tells the girls, firmly. "I changed myself."That night, Audrina joins Kristin, Stacie, Stephanie, Holly and Lo at West Hollywood hotspot Voyeuer. When Brody arrives (with Frankie), he and Kristin become touchy-feely and surprise the group by moving in for a quick kiss. Spencer shows up with Heidi on his arm, but instead of mingling with the rest of the gang, they sit apart from the group, and proceed to show off their crystals -- and brag about how Heidi's not allowed to use the TV, internet or phone. Looking on from the sidelines, Holly tells Stephanie she's done standing up for her sister -- and accuses her of isolating herself. In the midst of all the drama, exes Brody and Kristin quietly slip out together, leaving the nightclub arm in arm.The next morning, at Kristin's house, Brody saunters out wearing one of Kristin's t-shirts. Both have a foggy recollection of leaving the club together -- but agree that they're having fun being single. After a quick chat about Speidi ("it's the Pratt family," says Brody, "they're all out of their minds") the exes decide to head back to bed.Elsewhere, Stephanie and Lo are hanging out -- and sharing their own theories about Spencer and Heidi's bizarre behavior. Now, thoroughly convinced of the couple's kookiness, Steph and Lo agree something needs to be done. Together, they head over to Kristin's to try and decide what to do next.In fact, Kristin's invited all the girls over -- Audrina, Stephanie, Lo and Holly -- to talk about Speidi's foray into "Crazytown." Holly tells the group her sister seems brainwashed, and Kristin admits that seeing Spencer go off on his own sister (at the BBQ) was actually scary. While the group worries about Heidi being with someone so unstable, Stephanie reminds everyone that Heidi's not as innocent as she looks. She and Holly agree that Heidi hides behind Spencer and plays the victim, and Kristin points out that both of them have pushed everyone else (friends, family, etc) away.So what should they do? According to Holly, it's time for some tough love: until Heidi's ready to take responsibility for her actions (and her husband), maybe they should stop being her friend. Stephanie agrees, and after an emotional plea from Holly, the rest of the girls agree that the best thing they can do for Speidi is stay away from them altogether.