Season 2 Ep 63/23/2010

Samantha is a sweet, well-rounded girl from Rosenberg, Texas. She does well in school, gets along with her family, and has been dating the same guy, Eric, for the past two years. Samantha's good girl image becomes less apparent when she finds out she's pregnant with Eric's baby. To make things more complicated -- in Samantha's already cramped house, her mother, Soledad, is pregnant, too.Samantha is 24 weeks pregnant and is preparing to enter her senior year in high school but she has to face the stares and gossip alone because Eric goes to a different high school. Samantha's post baby plans are to move in with Eric and his family but she hasn't mentioned this to her mom yet. Soledad (Samantha's mom) was a teen mom and is having a hard time with Samantha's pregnancy because she knows how hard it is going to be. The stress of preparing for a baby turns into happiness when Samantha, Eric, and her family find out she's having a baby girl and decide to name her Jordynn.Being pregnant in high school is stressful but Samantha is more focused on her future and is struggling with the decision of moving into Eric's family's house. Samantha talks to her father about it to figure out what's best and he doesn't think it's a good decision. Samantha was nervous to talk to her mother about moving into Eric's but she doesn't have a choice when her mom finds out and wants to talk about it. Despite her crowded house, Samantha's mom doesn't think moving in with Eric is a good choice. Samantha has a lot to consider before she makes a final decision.Baby Jordynn is two weeks away and Samantha decides to listen to her parents' advice and not move in with Eric. Her house will be crowded but at least she'll have her mother's support. Samantha and Eric's mothers do not get along and refuse to see each other but Samantha arranges a dinner to smooth things over. They decide to move on from the past and start fresh for the sake of Jordynn.Samantha's due date came and went and the doctor wants to induce her labor. She can't wait to go into labor but her excitement quickly changes into extreme pain. Samantha is barely dilated after being in labor for 14 hours and the doctor gives her an epidural to help the excruciating pain. At hour 25 of labor the doctor decides that a c-section is necessary. The much anticipated baby girl Jordynn is born at weight 7 lbs 8 oz and Eric and Samantha's families are there to welcome her into the world.After a week in the hospital, Samantha is finally able to take Jordynn home. Samantha is homeschooled and staying home with Jordynn the first six weeks but Eric has to go back to school and work. Samantha is getting restless spending all of her time in the house with Jordynn and is beginning to resent Eric for not helping. He doesn't understand how much work it takes to care for a baby.Jordynn is two months old and Eric is doing more to help but Samantha still thinks he's not taking parenthood seriously. Samantha isn't sure about their future but knows it's going to be an uphill battle. Going to college with a baby will not be easy. Samantha's upset she didn't listen to her mom's advice but is prepared to live the best life she can with Jordynn and Eric.