Season 6 Ep 127/13/2010

Kristin, Audrina, Stephanie and Lo gather at The Crescent Hotel and Restaurant, and realize they're all heading in new and different directions. Stephanie says she has finally reached her "good place," but Audrina admits she is still searching and will possibly move out of Hollywood to focus on herself and find her way. Lo confesses she is ready to settle down with Scott, and Kristin reveals she isn't sure where she is going next -- "I just feel like nothing's happening for me anymore," she admits. "I just need a change."Across town at the driving range, Brody, Frankie and Taylor are hitting golf balls and updating each other on their love lives. When Brody says he is "kinda seeing someone," Taylor warns him that Kristin may have some trouble letting go. Still, Brody insists he and Kristin were having fun being single, and sees no reason why they can't be friends. Hm, wonder if Kristin would agree?Later that afternoon, Stephanie and Lo talk boys while doing some midday shopping at Lisa Kline. Stephanie explains that she and Josh haven't made their relationship "official" yet, but says she plans to talk to him that weekend at Supercross (he has invited her to watch him race). After encouraging Steph to put herself out there, Lo says she still isn't sure if she is ready to move in Scott. "I just don't wanna live with a guy unless I'm engaged to him." Fortunately, Stephanie pushes her to take her own advice -- and take a chance! "You know this is right," Stephanie says, encouragingly. "I know," Lo finally admits.Over at Kristin's house, Stacie drops by to find out her friend has made a big deci-sion: she is ready for a fresh start ... in Europe! Kristin explains how Lo, Audrina and Steph's lives are all changing -- and says she wants a new beginning of her own. Stacie offers some words of encouragement, but asks whether Brody had anything to do with Kristin's decision to go. In response, Kristin explains she is not moving for him, she is moving for her. "Brody found his girl," she tells Stacie, "so I have to go find out what I want."Meanwhile, Stephanie is getting ready to take a big step of her own. After traveling all the way to Corona, California to watch her new guy ride his bike, she decides to tell Josh how she really feels. "I like hanging out with you a lot," she says, adding that she isn't seeing anyone else. Fortunately, Josh is on the exact same page; he tells her he hasn't been seeing anyone else, either, and they agree to make it exclusive. Looks like Stephanie's happy place just got a little bit sweeter.That same afternoon, Kristin drops by Brody's condo in Hollywood to let him know she'll be leaving town -- and to invite him to her going-away party. After asking whether he has anything to do with Kristin's decision (she insists he doesn't), Brody says he won't be going to her party because he refuses to celebrate her leaving. Kristin hopes to see him there, but Brody seems to have made up his mind. "Have fun at your party!" he shouts as she walks away.Meanwhile, Audrina is ready to kick off a new chapter in her life by giving Stephanie a tour of her new home in Hermosa Beach, CA. While admiring Audrina's house (and it's proximity to the beach!), Stephanie tells Audrina that she and Josh are officially boyfriend-girlfriend. When talk turns to Kristin's goodbye party, Audrina says she'd rather say goodbye to Kristin one-on-one and skip the whole party scene. Stephanie observes that everyone is doing their own thing now and wonders what is going to happen to everyone.That night, the rest of the gang shows up at the Hollywood Roosevelt to say their goodbyes to Kristin. But between hugging Stephanie and reminiscing with the girls, Kristin can't help but wonder whether Brody is planning to show. A few minutes later, Brody surprises everyone by making an appearance -- and Kristin decides to give him one last chance to explain. This time, Brody finally opens up, telling Kristin point blank he doesn't want her to go. After staring into Brody's sad eyes, Kristin tears up -- but re-fuses to change her mind. "I need to figure out what I want in life," she explains. "I'll miss you," Brody responds. "Don't leave."The next morning, Lo is sitting next to Scott in his house (their house?!) in Manhattan Beach marveling at all of their stuff. Scott tells her he is glad she decided to move in, and spills that he is ready to make a long-term commitment. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he says, simply. "It takes a long time to find the person in life that's perfect," he explains, smiling down at Lo, "and you're perfect."Across town, Kristin is about to get into the car and ride to the airport, when she realizes Brody has dropped by to see her off one last time. This time, Brody tells Kristin he never would have started things up with someone else if he'd known it would mean having to watch her go. "Hearing that is all I ever wanted," Kristin tells him, "but I still have to go." She and Brody exchange one final embrace, then Kristin climbs into her car and rides off, leaving Brody (and the show) behind for good ... or is it?After a quick flashback of our favorite Hills memories, the camera pans out -- and we see the entire crew watching the action, the exterior of Kristin's apartment replaced by a Hollywood sound stage. Kristin hops out of "her" car (it's only three feet away), laughs, and gives Brody a playful hug. So ends the sixth and final season of The Hills. Or, as the director would say, "that's a wrap."