What Happens in Vegas...

Season 3 Ep 910/1/2007

After all the drama at Jason's engagement party, Lauren's ready to head out of The Hills for a little while. And what better way to escape than to head to Las Vegas and surprise Brody on his 24th birthday? So Lauren, Lo and Audrina pack their bags and get ready to go to Vegas, baby!Meanwhile, at Heidi and Spencer's apartment, the couple is ready for their own fiesta -- their one-year anniversary. Spencer has all of the details planned, including a visit to a day spa and a special dinner at their favorite restaurant, Don Antonio's. But before they head out, Heidi asks Spencer if he's told his parents about their wedding. Spencer says he'll share the news after they're married, but Heidi says a surprise wedding wasn't part of the deal. Later, Heidi asks Spencer if he's sad he's missing out on Brody's Vegas vacation. Spencer shrugs it off, saying he hopes his former friend receives "loyalty" for his birthday.Ready to jet set, Justin sits at the airport waiting for Audrina and the rest of The Hills girls with his guitar case. When the crew rolls up cheering, Lo's immediately turned off when Justin doesn't say "hello." Is he still mad that Lo called him "Justin Bobby" when they first met?Already in Las Vegas, Brody is partying with his boys in his swanky Palms suite and getting ready for a wild weekend when the doorbell rings. The birthday boy thinks it's room service, but when he opens the door he finds a little more than he bargained for, as Lauren flings herself into his arms!At Bolthouse, Elodie tells a co-worker she's still fuming at Heidi and has given her notice. It's her last day, so she's making the rounds and saying goodbye to everyone. Elodie says it's time for her to take the next step and move past the whole "Heidi situation."Meanwhile, Heidi's boss, Brent, tells Heidi that she's in charge of the red carpet event for the Emmy Awards the next night. Heidi mentions that it's also her anniversary with Spencer, hoping that she can bail on the extra responsibility. Brent lets her off the hook as long as it's covered, and Heidi swears the situation will be under control.To settle her scheduling conflict, Heidi makes her way over to Elodie's desk. Heidi asks if everything is under control and Elodie says the red carpet details are locked in. When Heidi asks if she'll cover for her, Elodie sarcastically says she would do anything for Heidi. Feeling the tension, Heidi slips in an apology of sorts, saying her promotion was "business, not personal." But as Heidi walks away, Elodie cracks a devilish smile.At Brody's birthday dinner, Brody hugs Lauren and says he has the most beautiful date in the place. He thanks The Hills crew for spending his 24th with him and asks where Spencer and Heidi are. Spencer's birthday is only a few days before his, and while Brody sent Spencer a text, he has gotten no love in return.When Audrina and Justin make a late entrance, Lo's perplexed by how aloof Justin is. But Brody's friend Frankie is far more interested in stirring the pot and sparking a romance between Brody and Lauren. Pulling Lauren aside, Frankie asks if she'd be interested in becoming a little more than friends with Brody. While Lauren says they have already tried (and failed) at that, Frankie says that they spent their time together fighting over Spencer. Now that those two are out of the picture, he thinks there's a possibility for a love connection.The next morning, Frankie talks to Brody about starting things up with Lauren again, but Brody says they're just friends. While sunbathing, Lo mentions that she hasn't seen Audrina and Justin all day. Lo thinks Justin's purposefully keeping his distance, but Lauren defends him, saying it might be awkward for him to try to fit in with a new crowd. Then, switching gears, Lo asks Lauren if she'd ever date Brody again, but Lauren swears the pair is just friends. Looks like Frankie's not the only one who thinks a Lauren-Brody hookup is a possibility.During their last night in Las Vegas, everyone's getting closer ? including Lo and Frankie, who start macking it at the club. In the spirit, Lauren plants a big, wet birthday kiss on Brody's lips -- it's enough to raise Audrina's eyebrows.At Don Antonio's, Spencer's gone all out for his anniversary dinner with Heidi. With their table decked out in rose petals and candles, Heidi smiles, glad that Elodie is covering for her at the Emmys.Back in Las Vegas, The Hills girls spend time on Brody's revolving bed and Lo views it as the perfect time to bring up Justin's bad behavior with Audrina. But Audrina says it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks -- it's her relationship. When Lo says she's just looking for him to say "hi," Audrina sarcastically says she'll never talk to Justin again if that's what'll make her friends happy. With this, Lauren leaves the room because she feels Audrina is on the defensive. Once Lauren leaves, Audrina says she's done with the conversation and takes off.During their anniversary dinner, Heidi gets a call from a co-worker, saying that the Emmy party is a mess. Even better, Elodie isn't there -- after all, yesterday was her last day. (Guess she forgot to say bye to Heidi -- oops.) Bolthouse needs a rep there ASAP, so Heidi says she'll head over. Spencer is livid, and when Heidi says she's sorry he responds with "no you don't."There's trouble in Sin City as well when Brody and Lauren argue over the way Justin is acting. Brody tries to defend the dude, but Lauren's having none of it, saying Audrina's bad boy is giving Lo the cold shoulder because she called him "Justin Bobby" once. Brody argues that he's just trying to mediate the situation, and Lauren tells him that he's always fighting other people's battles. But when the conversation gets a little heated, Brody tells Lauren they should stop bickering and start cuddling.