Out With The Old

Season 2 Ep 11/15/07

As Lauren and Heidi discovered last season, living in the Hills isn't always what it's cracked up to be... and the drama seems to find them at every turn.Now that Lauren and Jason have called it quits, Lauren's faced with the uncomfortable task of returning his things. When the former bf asks if they can still be buddies, Lauren argues that things will never be the same.At Epic Records, Audrina has Heidi on redial at her new gig. But while Audrina can't seem to understand why Heidi has her in deep freeze, Heidi opts to ignore her now former friend. After getting a little too comfortable with Heidi's new guy, Spencer, Audrina's positioned herself as public enemy number one.Back at Teen Vogue, Lauren makes her first appearance since the end of the semester. While Whitney gushes about her trip to Paris, Lauren admits that her summer with Jason didn't quite roll out according to plan. When Lisa Love calls the girls into her office, the Teen Vogue editor rubs some more salt in Lauren's break-up wounds by offering Whitney next summer's intern spot in the city of love.Crushed at the apartment, Lauren cries to Heidi. While she had hoped that leaving Jason would stop a constant stream of crying, it's proven to have cranked open the tear factory even more. Heidi tries to help by telling her she's now a hot commodity among the guys, but Lauren's still mourning the loss of her best friend.Heidi's new fling, Spencer, takes her on a date to his favorite restaurant, Don Antonio's. When she broaches the Audrina topic, Spencer is quick to say how weird she is, claiming he's only feeling the 'friend vibe' from her direction. But smooth talker Spencer is singing a different tune when he hangs out with Audrina the next day and offers to take her to Don Antonio's on a date.At the Area opening, Heidi mans the door while friends Lauren and Jen take in the club's eye candy. To Heidi's surprise, Spencer strolls in with Audrina in tow. Although he tells Heidi that they didn't arrive together, Spencer spends the whole night at her ex-friend's side.A furious Heidi recaps the evening at Bolthouse the next morning, saying their relationship is non-existent. She begs out of work early, having felt nauseous and dizzy for the past couple of days. Meanwhile, at Epic, Audrina calls Spencer a pig, saying she's not interested despite his hands-on effort to win her over.While Heidi makes her way home, it looks as though she may not be sick over Spencer. As she walks to the bathroom with pregnancy test in hand, the Spencer love triangle becomes even more complicated.

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