Once a Player

Season 3 Ep 1712/3/07

Couples have been making up and breaking up in The Hills, but Lauren still finds herself in relationship limbo with Brody.While out to eat, Brody tells Lauren she has beautiful eyes but is also quick to check out the assets of the ladies walking by. When he asks about Jen Bunney, Lauren implies that he'll be able to "hang out" with Jen later that night at Lauren and Audrina's Halloween party. Brody laughs off the comment, and Lauren looks seriously disappointed when he keeps checking out other ladies.At Teen Vogue, Whitney and Lauren chat about Lauren's Halloween party. Lauren says she's excited about having a fiesta at her apartment but admits she's even more excited about meeting Audrina's Australian boy toy. Now that Justin has been replaced, she and Whitney are anxious to weigh in on Audrina's new man.When Whitney asks Lauren if she and Brody will be sporting matching costumes, Lauren says he's more likely to have a costume combo with his BFF Frankie. Lauren admits she's not sure what's going on with her and Brody, especially since he's always checking out other girls. Lauren doesn't want to be one out of a million, even if she and Brody do share some serious chemistry.At Heidi and Spencer's pad, Heidi's holding a powwow with Spencer's sister, Stephanie. Heidi's looking for advice about her fiance, recapping the fight she and Spencer had. Heidi thinks they are on warp speed with the whole wedding and it's starting to tear them apart. Although she wants to marry her man, Heidi's beginning to think they should put the whole thing on hold. What's the harm in waiting? Stephanie's shocked, but she promises not to share their conversation with Spencer.Back at Hillside Villas, Lauren and Audrina are in the midst of their Halloween party, where Lauren's prediction was dead-on -- Brody and Frankie are dressed as Batman and Robin. Everyone's having a good time, and Lauren's got her eye on Brody - especially when he gives Jen Bunney a big hug. When Brody bounces early, Lauren's clearly unhappy and puts on a pout.The next morning, Audrina's cleaning up the mess when she asks Lauren why Brody and Frankie peaced out so early. Lauren shrugs it off and switches topics, saying she gives her stamp of approval to Audrina's new boy, Corey, because he made an effort with all of their friends.Meanwhile, Spencer and his sister are picking up "Save the Date" cards for the wedding, but Spencer's excitement quickly turns to anger when Stephanie brings up the fight he had with Heidi. Even though she promised Heidi she'd keep her lips zipped, Stephanie tells Spencer that his bride-to-be may not want a wedding at all. A shocked Spencer storms out of the store without the cards.Out on a date, Corey helps Audrina bone up on how to eat sushi with chopsticks. He tells her she should venture down to Australia, and they make plans to go snowboarding during the winter. When Audrina asks what they should do next, Corey asks if she wants to go somewhere else or just go home (wink, wink).On her own date with Lo, Lauren updates her friend on the Halloween party. Lauren shares her disappointment over Brody's early departure and admits that she's interested in heating things up with him but thinks he's enjoying playing the field. Lo points out that he may be waiting for her to say something, but Lauren's hoping he wants to be exclusive with her without being prodded.The next morning, Lauren asks Audrina how her date with Corey went. Although Audrina says she's not used to being treated well, she's excited to have a "keeper" in her life. When Lauren digs deeper for details, Audrina admits that this boy is way more affectionate than Justin. After doing a quick comparison, Lauren decides that Corey is definitely an upgrade from Audrina's previous boyfriend.Back at Heidi and Spencer's apartment, Heidi tidies up while Spencer's deep into a book. Sensing some attitude coming from her fiance, Heidi asks what's going on and Spencer says he got the lowdown from Stephanie. Heidi doesn't think it's his sister's business, but Spencer counters that Heidi made it her business.Spencer thinks Heidi's just dragging things out and trying to stall by planning a big wedding, but Heidi says it's really important for her to have the wedding of her dreams with all her friends and family there. When Heidi claims that Spencer pushed her into moving in with him and she's given up a ton to be with him, Spencer says that he's been chained to the house with her 24-7 and never gets to go out with his friends. After mocking Heidi, Spencer heads to the door. She tells him that if he leaves, he shouldn't bother coming back, but Spencer just keeps on walking.Out to dinner with Brody, Lauren tells him that Audrina and Justin are done. When Brody doesn't believe her, she tells him that Audrina just went on a date with another guy that she really likes. Then she sighs and says, "Sometimes, no matter how much you like a guy, they're just not good for you."When Brody asks Lauren who her bad boy is, she gives him a look, causing Brody to go on the defensive and ask if she thinks he's going to mack other girls. When Lauren takes his phone and thumbs through the numbers of dozens of girls, it seems like the proof is in the pudding. But Brody says they're all old acquaintances and don't mean anything to him. When Lauren says she's not going to tell him what to do, Brody suggests she give him a sign about what he should do. Lauren says she doesn't understand what he's asking for, and the two are left staring at each other. Looks like Lauren is going to keep waiting for Brody to take their relationship to the next level!

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