Break-Up to Make-Up

Season 6 Ep 96/22/2010

Last week, Ryan's love songs had Audrina in tears and now she's telling Kristin, Stephanie and Lo that she's about ready to call it quits. To distract her from her relationship woes, the girls offer to take Audrina out on a boat for her birthday! Excited, Audrina agrees to go along with it on one condition: Ryan won't be there. 'Course, she didn't say anything about Justin Bobby ...Later that day, Stephanie, Kristin and Lo continue the birthday talk while shopping for Audrina's gifts. Kristin again brings up the idea of inviting Justin -- after all, she says, Justin and Audrina clearly still have a connection. Lo agrees, but points out that Justin might take advantage of the situation. ("I wish Jusin would grow up and be nice to her so they can just be together!" she says). She also reminds Kristin of his spotty attendance record. Hey, maybe inviting him is the best way to guarantee he doesn't show up!Over at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, Brody, Frankie and their pal Taylor are also discussing the Justin/Audrina situation. Can they really be friends after everything that's happened? Frankie's not so sure. Meanwhile, Brody's getting increasingly fed up with McKaela for bringing Allie Lutz around, despite his (and Kristin's) warnings. McKaela's looking for trouble, he tells the guys. She's not as innocent as she looks.That night, the guys meet up with Kristin, Stephanie, Stacie and Holly at MyHouse. While Kristin strokes Brody's neck ("it's a love squeeze!"), Frankie spots McKaela and Allie making their entrance. Once again, Allie gets into a confrontation with Kristin and the girls argue over whether or not the break-in really happened. After trading insults, Kristin storms off, cursing under her breath, while Allie vents to McKaela.The next day, Kristin arrives at Smashbox Studios looking for Lo, but runs into McKaela instead. McKaela apologizes for all the drama at MyHouse, but says she won't apologize for being Allie's friend. When Kristin rolls her eyes, McKaela fires back, asking her "is this about Allie? Or [about] me dating Brody?" Outraged, Kristin reminds McKaela that she and Brody aren't exactly dating anymore -- and girls bicker back and forth until Kristin and Lo leave for lunch.Across town, Audrina heads over to Ryan's to discuss the state of their relationship. Although Ryan still wants to make things work, Audrina points out that they've been having problems for a while. In between tears, she lets him know that it's over.Meanwhile, Kristin meets up with her (and Audrina's!) ex, Justin Bobby and invites him to Audrina's party. When Justin balks out of respect for Ryan, Kristin hints that Audrina may be single again, soon. "I always got love for Audrina," Justin admits. "Maybe I'll come."Later that day, Audrina heads over to Kristin's to tell her about her breakup with Ryan (it's "really the end," she declares. "It was brutal.") Audrina admits Ryan still wants to talk, but says she has nothing left to say. After all, "how many times can you say it's done?" Hearing that, Kristin brings up Justin Bobby and tells Audrina she doesn't think he ever really got over her. Audrina admits that he can be "charming," and Kristin mentions that he might be going to the party.Party time! The gang, including Justin, gathers at Marina Del Rey for Audrina's birthday boat spectacular. While Justin steers the ship, Audrina tells Stephanie she's done trying to fix her relationship with Ryan. As for her and Justin? "We're friends," she insists. Later, Brody gives Audrina a birthday toast -- and invites the girls to join them in Costa Rica the next week. Brody can think of one great reason everyone should go: McKaela and Allie won't be there!Before the night ends, Audrina finds Justin sitting apart from the group and decides to join him. When he asks about her romantic "sitch," she tells him she and Ryan weren't meant to be. But, she says, she learned a lot from the experience -- just like she learned a lot from dating Justin. Intrigued, Justin admits he's also grown a lot since the last time they dated. "This is good," he tells her, warmly. "This is a good a place to be."