Rapper's Retreat

Season 4 Ep 511/8/07

Bright and early one morning, Rev Run strolls into his wife's office excited about a complimentary suite they have received from Mohegan Sun. Knowing that the destination is nothing but a gambling hot spot, Justine asks Run if that's something he really wants to do. Obviously, she's not feeling it.Rev Run attempts to sell Justine on the mini-getaway, stating all of the other amenities the resort has to offer, including a spa and golf course. Justine points out that he doesn't even know how to play golf. In the end, Justine says she's only into it if all the kids come too. Run huffs and walks out of the room.Throwing a football back and forth outside of Run's House, Russy whines to Diggy about his room. Russy thinks his bedroom is too childish, as it sports not only The Cat in the Hat paraphernalia but also a huge Tootsie Roll. Diggy warns his younger brother that if he wants to change his room he's going to have to go through daddy. Good luck with that!As always, Russy plays it safe and goes to his mommy, Justine, saying he wants to get rid of all the Disney posters and childish toys. Justine, sad to see that her baby's growing up, is unsure what to do about this request, so she tells Russy that he needs to ask his father. It always comes right back to Rev Run!Downstairs in the recording studio, JoJo and his group, Team Blackout, listen to one of their jams. Rev Run, loving what he's hearing, asks if he can pull up a chair and help them out. JoJo denies his father the pleasure and sends him away. Who wouldn't want the legendary Run from Run-D.M.C. lending a hand with a song? Only his son, of course!That night, Rev Run tells Justine that he's really feeling JoJo's music but was pushed away, and Justine gets an idea. Why not bring JoJo to Mohegan Sun instead of her? That way, Run and JoJo can spend some quality time together. After thinking about all of the great father-son bonding moments they could have, Run agrees. Plus, how much easier would it be for Run to gamble without his wife there? Exactly.When Justine brings up Russy's potential room makeover, Rev Run strikes a deal with her. While he's off with JoJo, Justine is free to do as she pleases with Russy's room ... but it must be done by the time he gets back.After Rev Run talks JoJo into going to Mohegan Sun, they're on their way. And the rest of the family immediately busts into Russy's room and tells him they're making his room over in one day! And with the whole family helping out, it's surely going to happen.At Mohegan Sun, Rev Run and JoJo want to play a little golf, but first JoJo has to get some new Tiger Woods-style threads. As he goes into the fitting room, the store owner talks to Run about the father-son trip, asking if JoJo realizes it's all about bonding time. Run says he hopes not; he hopes JoJo just has fun and feels closer to him due to the sheer fact that they spent time together.Out on the golf course, neither Rev Run nor JoJo know anything about playing golf, making it quite easy to relate to each other. Their awkwardness on the links is definitely brings this father and son team closer together.At Run's House the next day, the rest of the family is finishing up Russy's room. After a whole night of painting and reorganizing, the family views the masterpiece they have created, and the mess they've made. While there's still stuff scattered everywhere, Rev Run calls and he's only an hour away. Time to step it up!In the limo on the way home, JoJo bugs out about the fact that he can't find his cologne. Rev Run refuses to turn around and go back to the hotel to look for it, saying that they can just buy a new one. But that just makes JoJo even more upset, and he says that the cologne was special to him.As Rev Run and JoJo roll up on the house, Russy's room is finally in place. But Justine is concerned when JoJo brushes past her and hurries into his room looking upset. When she asks Run what's wrong, his answer is interrupted by Russy, who's excited to show off his new room.When Rev Run steps into Russy's room, he thinks he's in a hotel, that's how swanky it is. Justine did a terrific job. But as Run walks out, Justine questions him again about what's going on with JoJo. Run tells her that JoJo flipped out over losing a bottle of cologne and he doesn't understand why. When Justine explains that the cologne must have some sentimental value and he was probably looking for his father's understanding, Run feels awful about not sympathizing with his son. So he seeks out JoJo and apologizes, saying he'll try to get the cologne back from the hotel."Does any part of your life need a makeover? Whether it's sprucing up an old room or maintaining a special relationship, often life's issues call for an overhaul. Make that change today. God is love." -- Rev Run

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