No More Mr. Nice Guy

Season 3 Ep 1110/22/07

After kissing Brody in Las Vegas, Lauren is left wondering what their status is. Feeling things out at dinner, Lauren tells Brody that she hasn't been on a date for weeks. He suggests that she's still on a quest for a "certain type" of guy. When Lauren asks what he means, Brody says she needs a nice guy with a bad boy streak. Changing the subject, Lauren looks at the menu and says nothing's catching her eye, causing Brody to raise his eyebrows and give her a playful look.At Bolthouse, Brent tells Heidi that she'll be working with Elodie's replacement, Kimberly, at an upcoming NASCAR event. Heidi introduces herself to Kimberly and offers to show her the ropes.Meanwhile, Whitney and Lauren are casting models for Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood issue. As Whitney snaps Polaroids, Lauren signs in the studs. When a blond-haired boy named Gavin makes his way to the front of the line, he asks Lauren if she remembers him from a previous photo shoot. A light bulb goes off for Lauren, who remembers trying to set him up with Heidi during the pre-Spencer days. Now that Heidi's off the market, Gavin makes a play for Lauren and grabs her digits on the way out.On the other side of The Hills, Spencer springs surprise dinner reservations on Heidi in hopes of recreating their anniversary celebration that was cut short. When she reminds him that she'll be working all night at the NASCAR event, Spencer swears she never mentioned her plans before. She suggests they have a late-night bite to eat, but he turns her down. When Spencer gives her a hard time about working so much, Heidi suggests he get a job -- maybe then he'll understand her demanding schedule.While Heidi and Spencer are fighting, Lauren, Audrina and Lo are getting ready for Brody's beach BBQ. The girls dig for dirt on Lauren's potential new boy toy, Gavin, asking whether he's going to make it to the beach. When Lauren says he'll be there, Lo claps and says she loves "passing judgment" on people and Audrina wonders what Brody and Frankie will think of Lauren's new beau.On the beach, Frankie busts Brody's chops about his Vegas hook up with Lauren as The Hills girls arrive. When Frankie tells Brody that Lauren invited a guy, Brody claims he doesn't care. But when Gavin strolls in, things get awkward as Brody grills Gavin about his past and intentions when it comes to Lauren. Could Brody be jealous? Frankie thinks so, but, as usual, Lauren says they're just friends.At the NASCAR event, Heidi checks in with Kimberly to make sure all of Bolthouse's affairs are in order. When Spencer calls to find out when Heidi will be free, Heidi tells him it's going to be a late night. As she's apologizing, a frustrated Spencer hangs up.Back at the BBQ, Brody tells Lo that he isn't sold on Lauren's new guy, Gavin. When he says Gavin's too "perfect," Lo asks if he still has feelings for Lauren. Brody sidesteps the question by saying he just doesn't think Gavin's the right guy for Lauren.The next day at Bolthouse, Spencer unexpectedly drops in to take Heidi to lunch, but his lady has to turn him away because she's in the middle of a meeting. When he half-jokingly demands to talk to her boss about her busy schedule, Heidi points out that he knew her new job would mean more responsibility. As they start to argue, Heidi walks away and heads back to the meeting.Over sushi, Lauren apologizes to Gavin for Brody's behavior at the beach house, but Gavin insists that Brody was just being nice. When Gavin asks Lauren about her dating history, she tells him she's had a string of bad luck, always managing to find nice guys who turn crazy ... present company excluded, of course.At home after her date, Lauren rings up Brody, who calls her out for having an early night. She tells him that she had a good time but no sparks flew between her and Gavin. When she mentions she's going to spend the rest of the night watching a movie, Brody invites himself over. Is Lauren's perfect match hiding right under her nose?

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