4 Ways to Maximize Space
    1 plastic shoe rack
    1 box of 12 metal hangers
    6 soda can tabs
    2 boxes of clear shower rings

    There's a different way to use that shoe rack and it's to store just about ANYTHING that you need to pick up off your dorm room floor! From school supplies, to hair supplies, chargers, you name it, your place will be much neater with this handy rack where you can still access your supplies.

    Need more space in the closet? Simply put the soda tab over the hanger, and add the second hanger to the other end of the soda tab.

    Too many scarves just making a mess of the area? Grab a shower ring and tie the scarf around it. Then hang the ring over hangers or a rack.

    To maximize space in the dresser, simply roll the clothes into small cylinder shapes, which made for more space AND easily accessible than if they were stacked and folded!