Daria's Book Ends
    Plastic Skulls (4) – approximately 4'' x 3''
    lack spray paint for plastic
    Blocks of wood 3'' tall, 4'' wide (4) OR Blocks of wood 6'' tall, 4'' wide (4) – whatever desired height
    Wood glue
    Glue Gun – already on supply shelves
    Extra Glue Gun Sticks (8)
    Wood Glue

    1. Cut a 2'' x 1'' hole in the bottom of the plastic skulls using a utility knife.
    2. Fill the plastic skulls with rice, or dry beans.
    3. Cut a 2'' x  1'' felt rectangle.
    4. Hot glue the felt rectangle to the bottom of the skull, covering the opening.
    5. Sand wood blocks to prep them for painting.
    6. Using wood glue, glue wood blocks together to create base for bookends. Allow to dry.
    7. Glue the plastic skulls to the wood blocks using hot glue gun.
    8. Using a spray paint + primer combination, spray paint the assembled skull and wood bookends with your color of choice. Allow to dry.
    9. Use your skull bookends to guard your literary collection.