Chocolate Freak Shake
    2 cups chocolate ice cream
    ½  cup milk
    ½ cup iced coffee
    1 tsp vanilla

    For garnish:
    Chocolate ganache/frosting - for outside of cup
    Chocolate drizzle
    Chocolate chips
    Mini pretzels
    Pirouette cookies
    Whipped cream
    Chocolate cupcake
    Reese's PB cups

    1. In a blender, blend chocolate ice cream, milk, iced coffee, and vanilla.
    2. Chill a beer mug or milkshake glass in the freezer for 30 minutes.  
    3. Smear chocolate ganache or frosting around the outside of the rim of the glass and drizzle chocolate drizzle on the inside of the glass.  
    4. Line the rim with mini pretzels and rolos.  
    5. Pour in milkshake to rim.  
    6. Top with whipped cream, more chocolate drizzle, chocolate chips, pirouette cookies, cupcake, and PB cups.