Vocalist Abe Brennan got together Wretch Like Me in 1996 after the breakup of his former band, My Name. Accompanied by former My Name and Goodbye Harry guitarist Trevor Lanigan, guitarist Roy Anderson, drummer Jason Livermore, and bassist Jeff Matz, this Fort Collins, CO-based quintet brought on a high energy of pop-punk silliness upon the release of their 1997 debut EP, Processing Hairline. Following a handful of compilation contributions, their first full-length, New Ways to Fall (1997), and the departure of Matz (who eventually joined Seattle's Zeke), a lengthy tour of the U.S. took place with the likes of All, Lagwagon, and Good Riddance. Two years later, Wretch Like Me released their second album, Calling All Cars, through Owned and Operated Records. Lanigan discovered a cancerous brain tumor was developing in his head, and took a year away from the group to take care of it. Various internal tensions whiddled the lineup down to Lanigan and Brennan by 2002, but they continued and released I Am Become Death that summer. ~ Mike DaRonco, Rovi