Victor (sometimes spelled Viktor or Vikter) is a male given name, but can also have other meanings: Contents 1 People 1.1 Roman Catholics, 1.2 Surnames, , 2 Places, 3 Fiction 3.1 Films, 3.2 Characters, , 4 Military equipment, 5 Music, 6 Sports, 7 Businesses, 8 Other, 9 See also, People: Roman Catholics: Kings: Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia, Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, Popes: Saint Pope Victor I (died 199), Pope Victor II (c. 1018-1057), Pope Victor III (c. 1026-1087), Antipopes: Antipope Victor IV (1138), Antipope Victor IV (1159-1164), Bishops of Chur: Victor I, Bishop of Chur, seventh century, Victor II, Bishop of Chur, eighth century, Victor III, Bishop of Chur (died on or before 836), Saints: Victor Maurus (died c. 303), also known as Victor the Moor and Victor of Milan, Victor of Marseilles (died c. 290), Viktor of Xanten (died in the fourth century), Surnames: Claude Victor-Perrin, Duc de Belluno (1764-1841), a Napoleonic officer and a Marshal of France (also referred to as "Marshal Victor"), Paul Bins, comte de Saint-Victor (1827-1881), French author, Alexander Victor (fl. 1910s-1920s), founder of the Victor Animatograph Corporation, Semyon Viktorovich Belits-Geiman (born 1945), Soviet Olympic swimmer, Jaclyn Victor (born 1978), Malaysian musician, Rick Victor (born 1980), a ring name of Canadian professional wrestler Eric Thompson, Places: Several towns in the United States: Victor, Colorado, Victor, Idaho, Victor, Iowa, Victor, Montana, Victor, New York, Victor, South Dakota, in Roberts County, , Fiction: Films: Victor Victoria, a 1982 musical comedy about a woman masquerading as man impersonating a woman, Victor (1993 film), a 1993 French short movie by François Ozon, Victor, a 2008 television film about Canadian swimmer Victor Davis, Victor (2009 film), a 2009 film, Characters: Victor (mascot), the logo and mascot for the Just for Laughs comedy festival, Victor (Dollhouse), from Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, Victor, a character in TV series Breaking Bad, Viktor (Underworld), from the Underworld film series, Victor (Breaking Bad), an underling of criminal mastermind Gustavo Fring in the series Breaking Bad, Military equipment: The Victor-class submarine, NATO designation of a class of submarines of the Soviet Union, The Handley Page Victor, strategic bomber aircraft, Pobednik ("The Victor"), a monument in Belgrade dedicated to Serbian soldiers in World War I, Music: Victor (album), a solo album by Rush's guitarist Alex Lifeson, "Victor", a song from the 1979 album Eat to the Beat by American New Wave group Blondie, Sports: Victor Leandro Bagy, Brazilian goalkeeper, of Atlético Mineiro and Brazil, Víctor (footballer, born 1974), Spanish retired footballer, Víctor Sánchez, Spanish retired footballer, Rick Victor, American wrestler of WWE, Victor Oladipo, NBA Guard for the Orlando Magic, Businesses: Victor Talking Machine Company, early 20th century American recording company, forerunner of RCA Victor, Victor Entertainment, Japanese record label, subsidiary of Japan Victor Company (JVC), Victor Interactive Software, the video game development branch of Victor Entertainment, Victor Technologies (formerly Sirius Systems Technology), a computer manufacturer in the early 1980s, Victor Technology, a U.S.-based supplier of calculators, Other: Victor, the letter "V" in the NATO phonetic alphabet, Victor (formerly Empire Ben), a tugboat in service in Australia from 1951 to 1985 when she was preserved in Geelong, The Victor comic book and annual for boys (1961 to 1994), Victor, a motorbike from TVS Motors, India, Victor, Wanswerd, a Dutch windmill

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