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Time UK were a mid-1980s English rock band, featuring former Jam drummer Rick Buckler. They released three singles. Personnel: Rick Buckler (drums), Jimmy Edwards (vocals), Danny Kustow (guitar / vocals), Ray Simone (guitar / vocals), Nick South (bass / vocals), Fletcher Christian (on second and third singles), Career: Danny Kustow had been the guitarist in the Tom Robinson Band, and Edwards and Simone had been in Masterswitch. Bassist Nick South had been in both the Yoko Ono Band and Steve Marriott's All Stars - he replaced the short-lived tenure of former Sparks and Radio Stars bassist Martin Gordon, who recorded demos but performed only one gig with Time UK. The 12 inch and double-pack 7 inch of Time UK's debut single, "The Cabaret",produced and engineered by Robbie Farnon featured a track called "The Radio Show", a mock show with snippets of numerous demo tracks. A year and a half later the second single, "Playground of Privilege", (produced by Tony Visconti) was released to little impact, despite an appearance on Saturday morning TV show Swap Shop (see clip on YouTube). After a third single, "You Won't Stop", the band effectively folded. Buckler and Edwards formed a new band, Sharp, with Buckler's old Jam bandmate Bruce Foxton. Only three tracks were recorded and one single, "Entertain Me", released. In 2002 a compilation album, One More Time, compiled the Time UK and Sharp material, including previously unreleased tracks.

Source: Wikipedia

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