Thomas Robinson may refer to: Contents 1 Politicians, 2 Sportsmen, 3 Others, 4 Fictional characters, Politicians: Thomas Robinson, 1st Baron Grantham (c. 1695-1770), English diplomatist and politician, Thomas Robinson, 2nd Baron Grantham (1738-1786), English politician and statesman, Thomas Robinson, Jr. (1800-1843), United States Representative from Delaware, Thomas Robinson (Gloucester MP) (1827-1897), English corn merchant and Liberal politician, MP for Gloucester 1880-95, Sir Thomas Robinson (Stretford politician) (1864-1953), English politician, MP for Stretford, 1918-1931, Thomas J. B. Robinson (1868-1958), United States Representative from Iowa, Tommy F. Robinson (born 1942), American politician from Arkansas, Thomas Robinson (Northern Ireland politician) (born 1950 or 1951), Unionist politician from Northern Ireland, Tommy Robinson (activist) (born 1982), pseudonym used by Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, former leader of the English Defence League, Sportsmen: Thomas Robinson (footballer) (1893-1951), English footballer, Tom Robinson (athlete) (1938-2012), Bahamian athlete for whom Thomas Robinson Stadium in Nassau is named, Tommy Robinson (footballer) (1909-1982), English footballer of the 1930s, Thomas Robinson (basketball) (born 1991), basketball player, Others: Thomas Robinson (composer) (c. 1560 - after 1609), English composer and music teacher, Sir Thomas Robinson, 1st Baronet (1703-1777), English architect and collector; Governor of Barbados, 1742-1747, Thomas Romney Robinson (1792-1882), Irish astronomer and physicist, Thomas Robinson (Gloucester MP) (1827-1897), English corn merchant and Liberal politician, Thomas Robinson (Medal of Honor) (1837-1915), United States Navy sailor, Sir Thomas Bilbe Robinson (1853-1939), Australian businessman and diplomat, Tommy Robinson, British actor who played Albert Briggs in the 1980s children's programme Jonny Briggs, Tom Robinson (born 1950), English singer-songwriter and broadcaster, Thomas Robinson (actor) (born 2002), American child actor, Thomas Heath Robinson (1869-1954), British book illustrator, Fictional characters: Tom Robinson (Oz), character on the HBO series Oz, Tom Robinson, a character in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird

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