The Teenagers are a French synthpop band formed in late 2005, originally as a joke. They achieved some degree of notoriety with the song "Homecoming", both for its catchy sound and for its explicit language and misogynistic content. Their debut album Reality Check was released in the UK on 17 March 2008 and 18 March 2008 in the rest of Europe and the United States. Critical reception: NME praised the bands "self-aware, smart sentiments, played out against a backdrop of lush, danceable, huggable pop." They have been said to "sound like Kraftwerk doing the soundtrack to a porno film" Their music is a mix of an electro-pop sound, comical lyrics and potent melodies. Their quirky fashion sense is inspired by the eccentric East London style, and copied by their cult fan base. The track "Homecoming" was elected 4th best song of 2007 by NME. During 2008 The Teenagers toured the globe (25 countries, 100 cities) to promote their debut album "Reality Check" and they are now writing new material. They played at the Reading Festival (UK), at Glastonbury (UK) and Summersonic (Japan) and have been invited as a support band by Vampire Weekend in the US and Europe.

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