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Founded in September of 2008, The Moor's creative core consists of musical and romantic duo Erica Daking and Josiah Steinbrick, transplanted from the North East to Los Angeles at the turn of the millennium. Their debut album was recorded with Ben Lovett in the basement of their Victorian home, amidst the cozied hills and winding vistas of the east side's Mount Washington neighborhood. The resulting eight songs are a haunting concoction of synthesizers, piano, subdued guitars, and mesmerizing vocals, creating a raw wall of sound that evokes and impresses with equal measure. With musical contributions from Josh Klinghoffer (PJ Harvey, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Simon Lord (Simian, Black Ghosts) and finishing touches by mix guru Noah Georgeson (Joanna Newsom, The Strokes) the swagger of the instrumentation couples with the moody, candid lyrics and the velvet arrangements in a dream-scape of hypnotic rhythms.

Born in New York and raised by a duet of musicians, Erica has been writing and recording music since she was thirteen. Steinbrick, a Providence native and composer, is often sought out by the likes of Dangermouse, Devendra Banhart, and White Fence's Tim Presley for his work both in the studio and on stage.