The Lighthouse and the Whaler is a band from Cleveland, Ohio, though its name alludes to the waters off the coast of Massachusetts. Inspired by a theme from Moby Dick, the band’s name alone is enough to make underpaid Literature teachers beam with pride.

Here is what most band bios won’t tell you:

Michael LoPresti studied literature and theology in college but rushed home after graduation to become a musician. Michael is the voice of the band and his head is filled with wayward melodies one could chase for days. He wears boat shoes, jean cut-offs and flannel shirts all year round. Michael is a web designer and has approximately two dance moves. Put a chick flick on mute and he will make up hilarious new dialogue to go along with the picture.

Matthew LoPresti was on his way to becoming a professional soccer player but left the pitch to join The Lighthouse and the Whaler. Matthew is a percussionist and puts the passion and heart into the songs. He has a nice smile and often requires extra space on stage to accommodate his raw emotion. Matthew tells loud jokes because it makes everyone laugh more. He thinks LeBron James is a traitor and is dogmatic on the subject.

Mark Poro was a solo artist who wanted some company. He plays mandolin, violin, guitar, piano and glockenspiel, but has yet to master the triangle. Mark is a lover of the poignant and sincere, and fills each song with his pure spirit. He secretly likes to be silly, especially in serious situations. Mark is perpetually training for a marathon and has blue eyes that would remind a sailor of a calm day at sea. Mark Poro is not his real name.

Steve Diaz is originally from Virginia and met Mark at a music conservatory on Martha’s Vineyard. He moved to Ohio to become a Whaler, but otherwise would have probably become a farmer. Steve is a born composer and adds contrast and depth to the music with a seasoned subtlety. Steve can grow a glorious reddish-brown beard, which he credits to his unique ancestry. He writes music to maintain his sanity. Steve is not homeless, though he sometimes looks it.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler plays indie-folk-pop and does not believe that genre labels tell you anything you need to know about a band. It has nevertheless caught the attention of MTV, NPR, FILTER, Spinner, Daytrotter, Paste and other media outlets that cater to indie-folk-pop music fans.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler has performed at venues like Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, SXSW, House of Blues and , though its favorite show to date took place in the attic of an old bookstore. The band has shared stages with the like of The Temper Trap, Cults and GIVERS, and recently released its new album, "This is an Adventure," which inspired NPR Music to name the band the "next artist on the rise."

John Richards of KEXP called The Lighthouse and the Whaler his new favorite band. He may be the smartest man on the planet.