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The Gothard Sisters are three sisters from the Pacific Northwest. They are all violinists, as well as championship Irish dancers, having won awards in America as well as Ireland. Greta, Willow and Solana originally started as an Irish dance group, then added their violins and now have guitar, bodhran and voice to add to their repertoire. They are based on the Pacific coast, but regularly tour all over the US. Greta: Greta Gothard started playing violin when she was 5 years old by studying the Suzuki method for classical violin. Greta was home-schooled through high school. She was an active member of the Seattle Youth Symphonies for over 10 years, holding leadership positions in the Junior and youth orchestras. Greta is also an Open championship level Irish dancer and 3-time World qualifier in the Western region, placing 8th and 9th at the Oireachtas. In 2007, she started playing guitar to expand her musical knowledge, and has since become fascinated by Celtic music played in a variety of different ways. Greta enjoys arranging music, composing, teaching, running websites, studying videography and video editing, and performing regularly as part of her active performance group, the Gothard Sisters, with her sisters Willow and Solana. Willow: Willow Gothard is an accomplished Irish dancer, having placed repeatedly in Open Championship, earning 5th and 4th at the Western Region Oireachtas, 20th at the North American National Championships and earning the elusive recall at the 2008 World Championships of Irish dance in Philadelphia. Willow, who was homeschooled, has been playing classical violin since the age of 5 and has performed in orchestras and chamber music ensembles. In 2010 she also started to play the mandolin and continues to expand her musical knowledge, as reflected in her growing compositions and original Celtic tunes and melodies. Willow sews every single costume that the Gothard Sisters wear in their live shows and videos by hand so they are completely unique. Solana: Solana Gothard was the youngest dancer from the Pacific Northwest ever to qualify for the World Championships of Irish dancing when she placed 6th at the Western Region Oireachtas in 2006. She was 11 years old at the time. Solana, who is homeschooled and mostly self-taught, has always been fond of words and song, and is the lead singer for the Gothard Sisters. Her strong, sweet vocals are uniquely clean and pure. Solana has also played classical violin since she was 3 years old, which is also around the same time that she started Irish dance lessons. She has recently learned how to play the bodhran and other rhythm and percussion instruments to add to the sound variety in the Gothard Sisters' live shows. Solana continues to study classical violin with the Gothard Sisters' longtime violin teacher and mentor, Lawrence Fisher.

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license