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The Blackout Pact formed in early summer 2003 in Denver, CO, after most of the members were kicked out of their former bands. Steeped in the influence of acts like Small Brown Bike, the Lawrence Arms, Murder City Devils, Leatherface, and especially Hot Water Music, the post-hardcore outfit comprised vocalist Mike Herrera (not the same guy from MxPx), drummer Wisam Alshaibi, bassist Billy Jo Bailey, and guitarists Joe Ramirez and Cory Trendler; the band later switched out guitarists for Justin Hackl and Mike Delmonico instead. With little money and gear, the guys headed out to N.Y.C. in March 2004 for a shot at signing to a major label, but when that deal ultimately fell through, they were left to figure something out from their one-room Brooklyn apartment. Flash forward eight months to a chance meeting between Alshaibi and Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly at the hot dog joint the former was working at, and one showcase later, the Blackout Pact was signed to Astro Magnetics (which Rickly co-owns). Writing their debut from a windowless New Jersey practice space, the resulting Hello Sailor (produced by Rickly as well) was issued in September 2005 to positive response. Lots of touring both before and after the album's release found the guys sharing tours with bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Latterman, the Draft, and the Lawrence Arms. But in the fall of 2006, and with plans to start writing a new record early the next year, the Blackout Pact suddenly canceled a handful of shows and formally announced their breakup that November. ~ Corey Apar, Rovi