Studio Killers are a European virtual electro-pop band, composed of fictional characters vocalist and designer Cherry, keyboardist Goldie Foxx, DJ Dyna Mink, and manager Bipolar Bear. The real identities of the band's members are unknown, although Finnish artist and animator Eliza Jäppinen is responsible for the band's visuals. History: Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink said that they had originally written a song for a British girl band that was dropped from their label and were put in contact with Cherry who wrote the lyrics and performed the song with them. The members claim that most of their correspondence is through email, although their song "Who Is in Your Heart Now?" was written when they first had a face to face meeting. They premiered in 2011 with the single "Ode to the Bouncer", about Cherry's difficulties in getting into a club, and gained popularity through their music video on YouTube. The single was successful in the Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark. After releasing other singles "Eros and Apollo", "All Men Are Pigs", and "Jenny" through 2012 and 2013, they released their self-titled debut album in 2013, and followed up in 2014 with the new single "Grande Finale". Studio Killers also announced that they were going to start having live shows, starting with the 2014 Ruisrock festival in Finland, followed by Ilosaarirock. To prepare for this performance and a world tour, they began a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for £50,000 and successfully gathered £55,176. In 2014 the band performed live at Ruisrock and Ilosaarirock festivals. Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink appeared on stage wearing masks, and Cherry was present in a form of screen projection.

Source: Wikipedia

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