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-"DXLR8" - downtempo / chillout / ambient / dub / trip hop / elechronica, best-of, feat. "Uneunoia", "Allelujah", "Scarborough Fair (A True Dub of Mine), and "Mrs Major Tom"
-"F1 Papillons" - uptempo / dance / edm / house / techno electronica best-of, feat. "SXYLV", "That Groove", "We Do Supersonic"

-"Various Chimeras" (19 tracks), feat. "Make Me Shake", "Coal Coal Black"
-"Shinjuku Zulu" (15 tracks), feat. "That Groove", "Yedayed"
-"Kiss the Honey, Honey" (7 tracks), feat. "Kiss the Honey, Honey", "Dirty Liar"

-"Adieu Shinjuku Zulu" (14 tracks) feat. "Mrs Major Tom", "Box the Gnat"
-"Sonorous Susurrus" (1-11 uptempo, 12-22 downtempo) feat. "Dubmarine", "Uneunoia"


-"FOUR STARS. Sheer brilliance, haunting ten CDs of the year" -GLOBE & MAIL
-"FOUR STARS. Breaks,house,reggae, exotic vocals...Shinjuku Zulu is a cd that warrants repeated listens" -GAZETTE
-"...especially ambitious trans-continental mash-ups...melds components elegantly into compositions that sound surprisingly natural...Stick-in-your-head melodies and enough stylistic ADD to stay fresh..."Various Chimeras" is on solid footing in the current mash-up-informed, pop cultural petri-dish." -POPMATTERS
-“"Various Chimeras" is a cosmopolitan musical sponge...brave fare like the choral/hip-hop of -"My Man Amen" or Kraut-rocking "We Do Supersonic" play to Shinjuku Zulu's strengths..." -EYE
-"'Sonorous' is good dubby house, good electronic dancehall... 'Susurrus' is minimalistic, melancholy..." -EXCLAIM MAGAZINE