Jonathán Pérez, better known as Serio, is a Mexican American Rap Artist from Los Angeles, California, United States. He has worked with other chicano rap artists such as Kid Frost, Lighter Shade of Brown, Proper Dos, and MC Magic. When Pérez was a child, his grandmother said that he always had a serious look on his face. It was for that reason she gave him the nickname, Serio, which in Spanish, means serious. Serio has loved rap since childhood and started writing and rapping when he was a teenager.

He made his professional debut as a rap artist in 2005. In 2006, Serio released his first album, Nightmares Turned Into Reality. His single, "I Got To Have You" gained rotation on select radio stations throughout the United States. In 2008, Serio released the single, “Serio Controla” from his then upcoming sophomore album, N.T.I.R. Part 2 The Revenge Of Serio, subsequently released in 2009. This time, his track, “In L.A.” included a guest appearance by Kid Frost.

In 2011, his third album, Gansterism Part 3, was released featuring MC Magic on 2 tracks, “Serio Come Back” and “I’ll Never Forget”. Also featured on the album are Lighter Shade of Brown, Conejo, and Mr. Midget Loco.

In 2011 Pérez trademarked his pseudonym, Serio. In 2012 Serio released his newest single “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Mexican” featuring Proper Dos and Conejo. It is a song that challenges the new law in the state of Arizona. As well as all racism towards all Mexicans. Since many politicians including President Obama seem to target Mexicans. Serios message in this song is, it is time for La Raza to stand up and tell all people “Serio This Is Our Land” and we should be treated fairly and equal as anyone in the United States.

Soy Chicano Rap is Serio's newest album, released on February 13, 2013. Serio doesn't disappoint fans with his controversial song, "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Mexican," a statement designed to put pressure on the current administration to develop an equitable, just approach to immigration reform. Another great song, "Sexy Ladies," leaked to club DJs prior to the album's release, can already be heard across the country.

Serio has had a great deal of success with his independent label, Serio Controla Records. To date, his label has released 4 solo albums and 3 DVDs. Moving over a quarter-of-a-million units worldwide. Serio continues to work with his peers in Chicano Rap and plans to release his first book soon.

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