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Official Site: | @seedlessband
Taking progressive rock rooted with both reggae’s rhythm and message, their music has captivated a new generation of reggae fans. Seamlessly interchanging between genres, their live show takes you for a ride that will leave you begging for more. Look for Seedless to be one of the break out acts of 2012!

2013 marks a big year for Seedless. They will be releasing the much anticipated follow up to their debut album “Twisted Roots,” which was nominated as one of iTunes Best Reggae Albums of 2010. With no shortage of material or inspiration, they will once again make 17th Street Recording Studios, in Costa Mesa, CA their home to record with favorite engineer/producer Lewis Richards. Plans to tour in support of the album are in discussion.

Seedless' previous full length album was released on August 28th 2010. You can find it on iTunes - "Twisted Roots" was named iTunes "Best Reggae Albums of 2010"