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With every new release attacking the Beatport charts, the proof is in that Savant is at the cutting edge of electronic dance music.

Savant is the edm/dubstep/complextro alias of the Norwegian artist Aleksander Vinter.

Aleksander Vinter is a prodigious savant with aspergers syndrome and a fracture of ADD. He thinks out songs in seconds and produces them within few hours. To date Aleksander has composed/produced over 10,000 songs in various genres; most notably metal, orchestral/classical, hip-hop and electronic music. And as evident in Savant's tracks, he also draws inspiration from early game music such as NES, Sega, commodore 64, amiga, atari and SNES.

His first album "Outbreak" came out in 2009 under the electronica alias Vinter in Hollywood and was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy award. In 2010 Aleksander released the mixtape "MASKS" (free download) and on it was various projects including the first EP from Savant, called Thrillseekers EP. (also on the mixtape "V for Vinter" released in December 2011)

On November 11, 2011 Aleksander released his commercial debut Ninur on SectionZ Records
From that day to December 12, 2012, he has released 5 LP's including near 60 commercial tracks while popping out multiple free downloads every month, keeping Savant fans far more than satisfied on a daily basis :)