Ruth is a four-piece rock band out of Washington state who pride themselves on being homegrown and cultivated in the Northwest. Their sound reflects that by bringing to mind many of the native rock bands of the Seattle/Portland scenes, i.e. Nirvana, Death Cab, The Shins and The Decemberists. Their music is full of West Coast flare, tastefully incorporating surf rock melodies with creative chord progressions. Ruth is the best of both worlds: youthful energy paired with mature hooks.

Songwriter Dustin Ruth has great instinct when it comes to unforgettable melodies. Paired with his straightforward lyrics and the tight musicianship of the band, Ruth cranks out some haunting tunes. Dustin was just 22 when he and Nick Wiinikka (guitar) signed their first record deal. They were joined shortly after by Ryan Peterson (drums) and Jesse Counts (bass). Years of touring have grown them tight as a band. Crossing the U.S. several times, most of Europe and even parts of Southeast Asia, the boys of Ruth have earned their familiarity with the industry. Touring with platinum selling artists Switchfoot and Relient K as well as former label mates Emery, Ruth has sold over 20,000 copies of their two previous records, Secondhand Dreaming & Anorak.