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Rushil was born on June 15th, 1994, in Bombay, India, spent a few years in London, before moving to Cyprus.

Rushil credits music as a huge influence during his childhood, almost as an omnipresent force in his life, it was a constant presence welcome in the home. It didn’t matter if the influences were such a juxtaposition of musical flavors, Rushil cherished being at the center of all the creativity and even enjoyed performing on stage with his saxophone. However, it wasn’t until the age of fourteen, when Rushil picked up the guitar and formed a band with friends, that his flirtation with music developed fully

“ I remember covering the Fray’s How to Save a Life and realizing that music was the only thing I really wanted to pursue in my life.”

This led to the fateful moment of meeting his producer who took one look at Rushil and knew he had found a rare talent

“I can vividly remember him pulling me aside and simply telling me to start writing.”

Under the guidance of his producer, Rushil started playing his own original music, and audiences were blown away with the way he sang, the raggedness of his voice, his fearlessness to blend a myriad of musical forms between genres, and the raw passion and emotion resulted in an unforgettable performance.

“Nothing was more important than the experience I got from playing live. The mind struggles to ever totally be present at any given time; playing live allows for nothing less than total immersion.”

Currently, Rushil is releasing his original album; Oscillations; an emotional diary of his journey so far whilst studying law at the University of Oxford. Academia has always been forced to take precedence in this singer-song writer's life due to parental pressures.

It is now time, however, for a change and a new start, as after all, this is just the beginning.