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Official Site: | @renelopez |
Rene Lopez was a stranger in a strange land; a shifting music industry, parenthood, and the reality that he has struggled for over 20 years at his craft made for a search for a new landscape, made Rene dig deep last year to find his voice, which revealed a new direction. Paint The Moon Gold is Rene's renewal and reemergence as a mature artist drawing upon a wealth of influences and inspiration from rock, soul, salsa, African, Cuban and Brazilian artists that have come and certainly struggled before.
Paint the Moon Gold, his full length album, is Rene's testament to that new voice, honed from self study, meditation and listening to his influences coalesced to create a triumphant new sound.
Once a stranger, Rene has come back to his roots by reinventing them; the result a confident yet subtle, steady stream of poetry, beats, and music that celebrates life, learning, pain and the pleasure of self acceptance. Paint the Moon Gold shines like the sun after a rain shower, a spectacular revitalization. Please check out Rene's new video "Here Comes Another Day" which celebrates the love for his children Cosimo and Ara.