Pepa is the feminine form of Pepe which is itself a contraction of Joseph. Pepa may also refer to: Pepa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, a village in northeastern Katanga province with a population around 4,000, Pepa Airport, an airstrip in the Democratic Republic of the Congo near Pepa village, Sandra Denton (born 1969), American rap/hip-hop artist, member of trio Salt-N-Pepa, PEPA (Performance Evaluation Process Algebra), a stochastic process algebra designed for modelling computer and communication systems, PEPA (drug), an ampakine drug which is a potential nootropic, Pepa (musical instrument), a flute-like musical instrument from Assam, The Spanish Constitution of 1812, signed on Saint Joseph's Day 1812, Pepa (footballer), a Portuguese footballer, Avni Pepa, a Kosovar footballer, Brunild Pepa, a Albanian footballer

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