Aside from the extremity of his work with Japanese grind/death/noise rockers Zeni Geva, K.K. Null reserved his solo projects for music just as intense but with more diversity. That range is simply astonishing considering that virtually all of his recordings consist of a patch cord or two (plus occasional treated vocals) fed in to Null's assortment of guitar and effects pedals. Null creates intense wall-of-noise machine music as well as droning isolationist material, which provides a surprsisingly effective update of Southeast Asia's atonal gong music. Besides a number of one-man albums for such labels as Table of the Elements, Manifold, Charnel House, Alleysweeper and his own Nux Organization label, he has also recorded with sympathizers such as Masami Akita (aka Merzbow), James Plotkin, Jim O'Rourke and Fred Frith -- plus as a member of the side-project groups Yona-Kit, Absolut Null Punkt and YBO2. ~ John Bush, Rovi