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Official Site: | @nakiasaid
Nakia Henry knows that everyone wants to be of value, that even the uplifters sometimes need to be uplifted. With her music, she seeks to remind the world of how powerful and creative we are. Her voice paints beautiful pieces for the ear to embrace and the heart to open to. She uses her performances to enhance the listeners' connection to their own well-being, wanting them to walk away knowing that not only do they deserve love, but that they are loved. She lives on stage and is always seeking to create bridges and harmonies for the audience to connect to and find refuge in.

Nakia began creating art at an early age. Five to be exact. First the Detroit native began with dance, then she moved into acting in college and has now finally embraced vocals. Very soon after graduation from Fordham University, Nakia made her Broadway debut in Hot Feet, a musical that danced to the rhythm of Earth, Wind and Fire. Though she was a part of the ensemble as a dancer, while off stage, Nakia spent most of her time in the dressing room, singing. That very dressing room is where Nakia began to take her gift seriously. After the show closed, she began to work on her own vocal project. These elements combined with the understanding that everything is within, make up REMEMBER ME, her debut album intending to reunite the self with the Self.