Mike Taylor is a West Philadelphia born performer. From an early age Mike followed the musical footsteps of his father, an accomplished jazz musician. By age 12 he bagan drumming for the neighborhood step team and not long after that he found himself rapping, dancing and writing songs. Mike went on to form many groups both music and dance but it was his Hip Hop/ rock group Subliminal Orphans who made a splash in Philadelphia by their associations and touring with Hip Hop Ledgods Cypress Hill. In 2007 Mike went solo and in 2011 he released the mixtape "From The Stars.” The mixtape included production from Ritz Reynolds (Mac Miller, The ROOTS) and Tim Anderson (Mr Little Jeans, Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros). He has spent the last year focusing on his songwriting and experimenting with new sounds to take his catchy, witty pop songs to the next level. In fact, Mike recently partnered up with producer and co-writer Bleu (Boys Like Girls, Air Traffic Controller) to record his newest EP, Lost + Found. The EP highlights Taylor's unique singing style and powerful lyrics, alongside an upbeat, sunny backdrop that could only be described as "feel good music." He will be releasing this 6 song collection himself in the fall/winter of 2012.