A '70s disco act snapped together by Ian Levine in London, England, to record some tracks originally designated for Tony Hatch's protégés Madam; Levine brought in Sheila Hart, famous for dancing at the celebrated northern soul dancehall Blackpool Mecca club, to redo Madam's sub par takes. And persuaded Towards Tomorrow -- Leon Gauf, Damon Black, Don Cowan, and Lamont Thompson -- American G.I.'s who recorded for Movers Records to unite with Hart and christened them Midnight Sunrise. Nothing sold well and they splintered in five different directions. Many, unaware of their history, think Midnight Sunrise was a '90s act because Hot Productions release Best of Midnight Sunrise: On the House in 1995, more than 20 years after their conception. ~ Andrew Hamilton, Rovi