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Born and raised in Youngstown, OH, MC Homeless grew up listening to many kinds of music, but it was hip-hop that he gravitated to, rapping with friends when he was still in elementary school. Although he later played bass and sang in a grindcore band, when he was 18 he turned his sights back to hip-hop and began writing more seriously, his rhymes turning to political and social topics (he's also a self-professed anarchist). Soon he was performing around Ohio -- opening for acts like the Coup and Spank Rock and self-releasing material. In 2007 his debut full-length, Trapped Under an Ohio Sky, came out on Connecticut-based DIY Bandits, with plans for a 7" split with Triggermortis to appear on Cleveland's La Rock Inc. Records in the spring of 2008. ~ Marisa Brown, Rovi