Donkers traveled a long and dusty road before he arrived at Matrix to become the Data Processing Manager/Sewage Control Expert/Quality Assurance. Living in the wilds of the frontier, with an Atari 2600 as his sole companion, Donkers whiled away his childhood reading, gaming, and running into things with his head. This was to prove important for later job use. Graduating from the esteemed Michigan State University in 1992, Donkers decided that a world tour would do him some good, so forsaking his homeland, he bought a one way ticket to Europe. Unfortunately, the customs person wouldn't let him work in foreign soil without a work visa, so he slowly made his way back home, via the warm northern climes of Iceland. He now likes fish very much. And sailors.

Anyway, after some time rolling old people for their dough, he decided a career change had to come. Matrix Software. Mecca to the obscene and odd. This strange town of Big Rapids called to him. Instantly repulsed, but strangely attracted, Donkers joined the Matrix crew in 1994, starting a tumultuous relationship that is still ongoing.

Donkers has a variety of off-time activities he enjoys doing, including hitting people with sticks; bubble baths; driving obscene amounts of miles; ridiculing his friends, family, and other assorted individuals; playing video games; and drinking beer and eating assorted cheeses of the world.

Now living in the spectacular suburb of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Donkers makes his way through each day running the Technical Processing department with a demeanor more accustomed to a mad whirling dervish. Joining him in this mad dance through life is his life partner (wife), Jennifer and their two maladjusted cats and diseased fish.

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