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4 over 20 yrs , Evil Luvis has been thrashing the stages playing a 1001 Cover tunes & Originals with a lust for life attitude. We work with only the freshest produce from The Custom Luvis Acoustic or the Famous Harmony Flying V & The jet black 48th st custom axe running thur a wall of sound using Fender, Peavey & Marshall.
NOW Available on " Double Duce of Disaster "by Evil Luvis is a rocking reggae love song about the girl who got away and left me for the drummer in that other band called MYRAGE
Evil Luvis music is all over the net or u can click on the links.
Looking for a new record label & law firm for our rather large collection of original music/films
Looking for Tour support and soundman with valid U.S. drivers Salience.
Attended Musicians Institute and current Berklee/Full Sail student.
Record and jam at the Luvis420 studio'z day or nite
We are always writing, recording, playing and filming music. - currently filming scene 3 act 6 of the B horror movie "zombie musicians from uranus".
Evil Luvis has over 1000 web sites devoted to LUVIS - LUVISPRO, LUVIS420 & EVIL LUVIS
Currently recording new Music for the upcoming 2012 release in wonderful New Orleans LA.
CHECK OUT the huge selection of music/shorts/videos on