Lucas Silveira (born July 30, 1979) is a Canadian vocalist, guitarist and songwriter who performs in the rock band The Cliks. He is a transgender man. Biography: Silveira was born Lilia Silveira in Canada to a musical Portuguese-Canadian family. He lived from the age of four to the age of ten on Pico Island. At age ten, his family moved back to the suburbs of Toronto. According to Silveira, at the age of about 3, "I knew exactly who I was ..., which sucked, not having words for it and being told I was something else." He knew he was a boy and asked his mother to buy him a penis like his brothers. He suppressed his feelings about his identity. The first time he heard about transgender people was on Geraldo Rivera when he was about 14 or 15. He subsequently decided to come out and live as a lesbian. In 2010 he began hormone replacement therapy. Silveira founded The Cliks in 2004.

Source: Wikipedia

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