Los Illegals is an American Chicano punk band from Los Angeles, California. History: The band struck a deal with the local order of radical Catholic nuns to open & run the legendary Club Vex at the Catholic Youth Organization(CYO)building ( Self Help Graphics) in East Los Angeles, where they booked & introduced Eastside to Westside groups (i.e. The Brat & X, Bad Religion & Thee Undertakers), to open up new horizons and enable themselves & others to play and tour with other major 1980s groups including The Clash, Bauhaus, The Motels and Berlin. A visit to the club by Los Lobos (then an acoustic traditionalist Mexican folk group) convinced the band to rethink itself, return electric and follow the path set by Club Vex. They were contemporaries of The Plugz from Texas and The Zeros of San Diego. The venue's street crdibility kickstarted a music and art renaissance crossing cultural and spatial boundaries. Personnel: Spawned by artist/muralist Willie Herron (keyboards, vocals), civil rights activist Jesus "Xiuy" Velo (bass), drummer Bill Reyes, and guitarist brothers Manuel and Tony Valdez (who also perform with their Mariachi parents & relatives).

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